foul smell TRUMP the SKUNK

Another reason why the failed skunk should be immediately arrested, and prosecuted for treason against the United States.

The skunk donald bragged about his “MASSIVEĀ  riot RALLY” at the “CAPITOL.”

Despite the deaths, injuries, mental and emotional harms suffered by his insidious rally. The skunk complained during an interview aired on British TV recently. Offering this complaint. “Nobody ever talks about my massive size of the crowd.”

Going on to say, “It was a massive rally with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. I think it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before.”

Continuing with his outrageous claims that the real insurrection took place on November 3rd Election Day, and that the January 6th was a protest over a fraudulent election.

The skunk still refuses to accept the reality. That all of the many lawsuits he filed through his lawyers, the skunk donald the trump LOST. Not one federal court found any merit or irregularities in the election process.

The skunk now finds himself where it belongs. Federal courts are ordering trump to pay $175.000 in sanctions to Michigan officials. That’s over the skunks shenanigans to force the state to negate the 2020 presidential election results.

Another $22, 000 to the governor and the secretary of state. $153, 000 to the city of Detroit.

Federal Judge Linda Parker found that nine skunk lawyers had engaged in “a historic and profound judicial abuse of the judicial process, calling some of the claims fantastical.” And the judged said the skunk lawyers could be suspended or disbarred. Ordering them to also pay another $153,000 to the city of Detroit for its legal fees.

The judge also ordered payments of $1.3 billion in several defamation suits.

All that sure helps to make the season one of glad tidings! To jail he shall go!

Hypocrisy is that the new America

Lunacy in America: Lara Logan made an appearance on Fox News Primetime. And linked, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to the infamous Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, the Nazi, “Angel of death.”

Dr. Fauci is all about saving lives while. That’s the hallmark of his career. Memgele was all about death at the expense of innocent Jews! Fauci should sue Fox News, and Logan for slandering his name and career.

As should Jewish Holocaust survivors. Along with Holocaust museums established to honor the memories of histories darkest history.

Her remarks are happy accolades to the likes of GOP Jim Jordan of Ohio. Who ignorantly said, “Real America is done with COVID.” Not withstanding that COVID cases are rising in Ohio.

More than 780,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since March 2020.

Truths for the Day

There’s an organization based in Sweden, tagged as the, “International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.” Which has reported, that the U.S. has fallen ‘victim to authoritarian’ tendencies.”

And who is at the helm should America become Russian like? None other than the skunk trump the donald. With the skunks constant proven false rhetoric concerning the 2020 election.

Causing federal Judge Reggie Walton, for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, while chastising the gullibility of a trump supporter, who participated in the, 06 January 2021 insurrection.

Making reference to the Gore-Bush electoral fiasco. Saying, “Gore had a stronger case than trump. But Gore was a man about what happened to him. He accepted it and walked away.”

The Sweden agency cites several reasons as to why America is catapulting towards totalitarian governance. Successful state governments rigging the electoral voting so as to make voting more difficult. Along with voter disenchantment and the coronavirus.

The report said that ‘democratic backsliding’ is often a gradual process; that ends with either the democracy breaking down, or returning to normal health. This takes an average of nine years from the onset of the ‘backsliding,’ concluded the reports authors.

So now is the time for we lovers of Democracy to act up nonviolently. To make sure that our democracy with stands this attack. And, returns to vibrant health! More determined than ever, to make our nation a more perfect union.


Truths of the Day

GOP Gov. Chris Sununu the New Hampshire governor declares Republicans in Congress have their priorities screwed up.

His comment centered around the censure of Republican Paul Gosar because it advocated killing democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez! It went on to threaten President Joe Biden!

Whoever thought we should be grateful, when evil exposes itself. Admittedly it’s rare, but for now we’re seeing the Republican party for what it really is.

A collection of totalitarian thugs, who want rebuild America in the image of the skunk donald the trump.

Whose blue print for America comes from his idle, Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Democracy needs a strong two party independent hierarchy of public servants. For republicans representatives like Liz Cheney, and the late senator John McCain.

The market place of ideas must be our hallmark. Then we the voters will decide which ideals shall govern America.

And the skunk trump, can watch these proceedings from his prison cell, after his conviction for treason.

Joker of the Moment

the Skunk trump the donald had no problem with his insurrectionist determined to “Hang” Veep Mike Pence.

Common sense yells that it likely would have occurred had the Skunks fellow insurrectionists captured Pence.

Most of us saw the erected gallows on the capital grounds. And Trump wanna be in the image of Russian President Vladmir Putin has shamefully said, that he was, “totally fine with it!”

DeSantis the wrong, Florida’s cloned insurrectionists, duly baptized by the Skunk as a loyalist.

The wrong has come up with the grand scheme to pay workers, who will be fired for refusing to comply with employer mandates concerning COVID mandates.

If anyone thinks that the Wrong cares about workers, think again! Everything about the workplace is ENHANCED through a unionized work place.

Want proof? Compare UPS -v- Fedex employees doing the same work. You’ll discover that UPS workers fare much better in every category of employment.

For the Wrong; it’s about appealing to the Skunk, hoping to become the junior Skunk on any future Skunk presidential run.

Joker of the Moment

GOP Tennessee House Speaker, Cameron Sexton asserted that President Biden is responsible for ruining the country.

At the top of the list is his massive effort to force vaccinations upon the American people. School mask mandates, what idiocy according to Sexton.

Science which is completely non partisan says otherwise. Follow science, and certainly not anyone associate with democracy hater, the thing skunk trump donald.

Joker of the Moment

Never thought the day would occur, when this writer would agree with the skunk trump donald.

In federal court the thing argued that allowing the National Archives to release hundreds of pages of documents. To, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee, would cause him to suffer irreparable harm.

That’s where we agree, irreparable harm. But no doubt from different perspectives. For this writer a finding of treason.

In the end committee will determines the who, what and how trump, family, congress people and outside allies put together the almost successful, 06 January 2021, insurrection.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled. “Presidents are not Kings, and the Plaintiff is not President!”

It appeared that the judge was mocking the donald. Saying his claim of irreparable harm is no greater than the public’s right to know.

A concept beyond skunk trumps ability to comprehend. For the donald nothing supersedes his interest. And that’s what makes the twice impeached, and disgraced insurrectionist, so very dangerous.

Should the donald escape justice and make a second insurrectionist attempt in 2024.

Injustice is already in play, as his fellow republican insurrectionist through out the country, are doing there best to destroy the right to vote!

We the majority; who beat the skunk in 2020 by 7 million votes, can double that figure through fairness.

So fellow democracy lovers, we must turn out the votes. Despite republican efforts of known, and to be discovered harassment’s.

Joker of the Moment-pillow guy

Remember the pillow guy, Mike Lindell? He’s one of many who call themselves Christians. While at the same bragging that they’re trump loyalist!

From the get-go, this Padre finds it impossible to be a Christ loyalist and a supporter of the donald.

They are the converse of each other. One stands for decency, and the indisputable truths of the Blessedness of Matthew 5:1-11. It’s an inward experience with an outward expression to the world at large.

The twice impeached and disgraced one term White House occupant.

Who never saw a truth that it couldn’t turn into a lie. Who thinks women are his play things. That is the opinion of nineteen woman.

It’s evident that for the donald there is only one way his way. And his way demands absolute surrender and loyalty.

The argument put forth by another dangerous group; evangelical Pentecostal fundamentalist adherents, who serve his interest, his way. Because, the donald believes in God!

James the brother of Jesus sends those fools this message. “You believe that God is one. You do well. The demons also believe and shudder! (cp. James 2:19). Shudder trumper’s you are a collection of fools.

His way was to to establish a command center in a Washington hotel. Staffed by its two sons, and former National Security advisor, Michael Flynn.

With the sole purpose of creating an insurrection that would allow the skunk to be declared the lawful winner of the 2020 presidential election.

But Vice President Mike Pence sunk trumps evils. And trumps insurrectionist went on the hunt with the intended purpose to hang him. Proving that liberty, and justice isn’t the way trump or trumper’s!

God fearing people need to thank Divine Providence for intervening, and thus saving American democracy, as opposed to having a trump totalitarian government.

It was, crazy guy Lindell, who promised that trump would be reinstated as President in August 2021. Didn’t happen!

Now the crazy guy is off on another insane nightmare. Declaring that he’ll file a law suit, 09.00 hrs., on Tuesday, 23 November.

Followed conducting a 96 hour broadcast Wednesday before Thanksgiving through, to midnight Sunday.

During that time period, Lindell, promises to release every piece of evidence in his possession. That will prove that the election had been hijacked by China and given to Biden.

Lindell is confident that court will hear the case without it working its way through the lower federal courts. Mainly because so many state attorney’s generals had signed onto the law suit.

Lindell promises a 9-0 vote. All this will result in the Supreme Court nullifying Biden’s presidency, and ordering a new presidential election.

Just when it appeared that crazy couldn’t get any crazier, it has!

Joker of the Moment

What’s the skunk trump the donald up to these days.? According to a GOP insider, the skunk has studied his failed 06 Jan 2021 insurrection.

And has mended those errors, that should the impossible occur a second time. A second insurrection will not fail.

Such enlightenment comes from retiring Ohio Republican Anthony Gonzales. Who shared his insights on CNN’s, “Trumping Democracy an American Coup.”

A career change is necessary, said Gonzalez, because Congressional Republicans have created such toxic dynamics within the GOP. That it’s no longer the party of honorable republicans.

More in line with the totalitarian Cuban regime that He and his family fled. Saying, “I will not allow that to happen here!”

What’s a puzzle for this political scientist, why hasn’t the skunk trump donald been arrested for the crime of treason.

For example Forbes magazine reported that the skunk, greeted supporters by tweeting, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there will be wild!’

The magazine also reported that within Willard hotel, the skunk had established a war room. With skunk jr, and skunk eric, and former national security advisor, flynn the michael at the helm. All designed to stop the steal, if necessary.

And as we know, it became necessary. The mass protest was not a last minute reaction. It was a well anticipated reaction should voters deny 45 a second term.

Will government complacency allow a repeat of history? Most likely, Yes! Because there aren’t enough, Anthony Gonzalez’s sounding the alarm, “It will not happen again!”