Spiraling cost at crisis proportions

The matter of spiraling cost of everyday living for the average citizen has reached crisis proportions. Driving down our purchasing power without any hope ever of inflationary adjustments due to rising prices.

Which is not the case for corporate America because daily, if necessary, they adjust prices upward in order to maintain profits. Not just reasonable profits, but in some incidences insidious profits. The nations economic system is the way it is because it serves the best interest of corporate America. As we know, the economics of corporate America is called capitalism. Capitalism has no regard for human life or welfare. Anywhere capitalism is practiced, human misery is its cousin. Capitalism will bleed the employee for every ounce of sweat possible for the sake of profits. When the human body breaks down from such toil, capitalists just dump the employee as a useless commodity. Human beings to corporate America capitalists represent a commodity, and are not any different from fuel used to power a machine. Everything to a capitalists is expendable.

The perfect example of this is the American war in Iraq. That war exemplifies American imperialism and capitalism. The twin children for the infliction of misery and suffering. Upon the people of Iraq, as well as the American people.

There the expendable commodity for corporate America is the American soldier. The American soldier must fight and die for the sake of corporate profits. Consider, DHB Industries, the maker of the armored bullet proof vest worn by American soldiers. There effectiveness was called into question by the military. Thousands of those vests were recalled as useless. The company has been served with numerous law suits.

Here is what is sinister about this company. Its founder and chief executive officer, David Brooks earned as much as 70 million dollars. Prior to the war he earned $525,000. in This according to the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy. For DHB Industries war is very profitable while life is very expendable. As Bob Dylan said, “You do not count the dead when GOD is on your side.”

The Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy report that an Air Force airman would have to work 3,634 years to earn what another war monger profiteer made last year. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George David of United Technologies earned eighty eight million dollars in a recent year. This company made the Comanche helicopters for the Army for a fifth of a century. The Pentagon shelled out nearly 7 billion dollars for that aircraft over that time span. According to the above source, the program has been terminated at the request of the U.S. Army. Seems like the good life is lived by those who profit from sorrow, misery, and death. And they do so without shame or embarrassment.

Is it any wonder that imperialistic America along with its twin sibling capitalism are anxious to continue the war in Iraq? The cause for war is imperialistic empire building and corporate profiteering. In order to survive imperialism must gobble up useful resources and assets of other countries. Capitalism is the science of exploitation. It thrives best when it can take advantage of the grief of others without concern for the consequences.

But for imperialist and corporate America, the death of the Iraqi people is of no consequence. Such belligerence toward the Iraqi people and the Muslim world will have consequences beyond the American expectation or imagination. America will become less safe and secure as we travel deeper into the 21 century. Americans traveling for abroad, will become increasingly more dangerous.

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The making of a President

The people of the United States are held captive by a corrupt political system. It is a political system that most know little about. Because the system covers it up, by referring to the United States as being a democracy. This corruptible and damnable political system is a governing system of oligarchy. Which is a political system where a few rule the many. It is a deadly system that speaks for the people without their consent. It is the peoples consent that makes for a democracy.

Here is how it recently expressed it self for the people without their consent. Obama captured 1766 delegates to Clinton’s 1639 As we all know, the presidential primary season has ended. But the democrats are without nominee. When the primary season ended earlier this week, neither Barack Obama or Hilliary Clinton had captured enough delegates to become parties nominee. The democratic party requires their presidential candidate to receive 2,118 delegates to capture its nomination.

On a democratic bases using one vote per person, Hillary Clinton captured, 13, 243, 919 votes. To Barack Obama’s, 13,104,492. That makes Clinton the winner.

But the Democratic National Committee, long time ago decided that they were not going to allow the popular voice or vote of the people determine an election.

Even when it denies them the White House. Which is why so little noise occurred, despite Gore winning the popular vote in 2000. This is an agreement the Republicans and Democrats have among themselves. The contesting party has to make some noise in order to convince the people that they were victimized. But not to much, so as to cause the people to riot in the streets. That could have serious consequences for the oligarchy. To prevent that, Gore said, that after the Supreme Court ruled against him. That it was necessary to concede the election to Bush for the sake of national unity. It was not for the sake of national unity, but for the sake of the oligarchical rule between the two parties.

This same scenario has played itself out again. This is how it worked this time. The party through its by laws established this undemocratic system. By allowing those within their oligarchy party, to have a second vote. They are known as *super delegates.* Most serve in the Congress now or have served in that capacity in the past. While some have served or now serve as state governors. Regardless of who they are they number 823. So after having voted in their state primary, and with neither candidate having reached that magic number of 2118. They are able to cast a second vote as a super delegate. That is what some of them have done. Four hundred twenty five super delegates voted for Obama giving him 2191 delegates and is now cast as the presumptive nominee. While Clinton received 282 votes from super delegates, giving her a total of 1914 votes. She is still shy the necessary votes under DNC rules to capture the nomination. Leaving 126 super delegates uncommitted, and even should she capture all 126 votes, she still would be shy the necessary vote necessary to contend for the nomination.

So what is a lady to do, when she captured the popular vote, but is denied her parties nomination. From a recent posting, it was suggested that she bolt from the party. And become a true peoples candidate, allowing the people to chose between herself and Obama or McCain. It is not going to occur because she a part of this oligarchy system of government.

All this noise, we have been hearing from Clinton, and her suporters, it is just that, noise to make the people think this is democracy at work. Democracy at work would allow the popular vote decide the nominee. One vote from each voter across the nation from whenever they what to hold their primary. It has something about states rights and is found in our Bill of Rights. “The powers not delegated to the United States by our Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” Article X. It is the peoples part that I like best. That is the theme of The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution itself and our Bill of Rights.

Here is another prime example of oligarchy at work. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a super delegate, worth two votes, has voted again for Obama. And used this reasoning, for casting his second vote. “Obama is a once in a generation leader who connects with the hopes and dreams of the American people. And will deliver the long overdue change, that our country desperately needs.”

This writer with a degree in political science thought it was the legislative branch that was responsible for fulfilling the American peoples dreams and hopes. That only occurs when the legislative branch governs with the peoples consent and not just in their name.

Of course the Senator knows that, he just does not practice what he advocates. It all political showman ship at the expense of the American people. Here is what the Senator was really saying. Welcome Barack Obama, as the oligarchy’s democratic presidential candidate.

This whole political system of oligarchy through whom the few govern the many needs needs to be dumped. If this does not occur , Americans worse fears will be realized.

Screaming headlines across the nations news outlets flashes these headlines. Biggest jump in unemployment rates in decades. This combined with gasoline expected to reach $6.00 a gallon within a year. Food shortages feared! Housing market slumps further with more foreclosures.

But we are not in a recessions, claims the Treasury Department. My take is that the American think we are in a serious recession.

It has been said that the only thing to be feared is fear itself. The smell of change, democratic change should fill the air. No government in our name because it must be by our consent. Oligarchy, the rule by the few over the many needs to placed in its grave. This writer clergyman is available to discuss the contents of this posting; including accommodating workshops. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

John McCain is right when he ridicules *the call for change* by Obama

Here we are closing in on the end of another work week. By weeks end the American work force will have earned less money than the previous week. Of course that is not unusual, for the American work force. Because wages are not adjusted for inflation, when the cost of gasoline or food prices increase, or when any other commodities spirals upward. The solution for many is to take a second or third job.

Wages could, and should be adjusted daily for inflation. So that the workers buying power, remains constant with inflation.The reason why wages are not adjusted for inflation daily. Is because it is not in the economic interest of the United States government, or the nations corporate conglomerates.

The American worker can not turn to the congress for help because we all know they are owned by corporate America. Members of congress do not write their own legislation. Instead lobbyists for corporate America write legislative bills for them. In return corporate America finances their election campaigns. Which is the primary reason, that the nation is in such an economic mess today. If it does not change, it will only get worse.

Of course, the American work force can not expect any help from the executive branch. Because, the executive branch, is completely under the domination of corporate America. The entire American government has no real legitimacy for the American work force. Because this United States government, is subordinate to influences that cares nothing about the health and welfare of the people.

Corporate America, every day adjusts its products to inflation. It’s the main reason why prices increase daily. Without any interference from the the executive branch or the congress. Despite these difficult times corporate America reports record earnings while the American work force reports record losses in earnings. Do you really think any of these wanna-be presidents is going to anything about such unfairness?

The American work force can not turn to the U.S. Supreme Court for redress of injury and expect relief. Because the court is the security blanket for corporate America. Remember the confirmation of Roberts as Chief Justice. He was the beneficiary of the largest expenditure of money by corporate America as a organized special interest group. They openly announced that Roberts would be a justice who would rule in favor of corporate interests. That of course equates to rulings adverse to the economic interest of the American work force.

Take the vote for Roberts confirmation in the U.S. Senate. In the senate the nation has 40 millionaires out of 100 senators. Six of those millionaires are women. Leaving 36 men in the senate as millionaires tending to the nations business. The governments domestic interest is largely about protecting the economic interest of their corporate benefactors. Who in return make sure senators become very wealthy. The United States Supreme Court protects the economic interest of all parties concerned. Except one, the millionaires of hard laboring Americans.

And it is not going to change because a new president will take office in January 2009. Republican candidate, John McCain is right when he ridicules the call for change by Obama. Asserting that his call for change is a throw back to typical every day democratic politics.

Life is tough for the rest of those U.S. Senators in Congress. Because they are forced to live on a meager annual salary of $169,300. Which is rather outrageous because the senate thinks a livable wage is $5.85 an hour.

That really helps us to appreciate the fairness of America. Where senators see themselves as entitled to be on the path to becoming millionaires. Because that is usually what occurs. That is why the senate is known as the millionaire club.

All that leaves this writer to conclude that change is urgent. Because the executive branch, congress, and the courts have abandoned the average American. A peoples revolution is needed!

We know the the American government will use force to crush opposition to its American interest anywhere in the world. Which includes opposition to their interest on our soil. America belongs to “We the People.” Our servants the government serve at the pleasure of the American people. It is said in the preamble of our constitution, “When in Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another….” In our history it became necessary to separate our bonds with England. Now it is time to separate those bonds with this current government. It will not be easy because elite aristocrats will mobilize to crush quickly any such attempts.

Some how the cart got turned around, and the people became the servants of those asses and elephants. It is time to put the cart in its rightful place. Making those asses, and elephants, our servants by pulling the cart of the peoples needs. The question is are, *We the People* up to the task?

Every presidential election cycle, Americans hope that the next president will bring about that separation of bonds. And in their own way, that is what those wanna-be presidents are talking about with their campaign rhetoric. Those bonds have not be broken in the past, nor will they be broken in the future. If anything, those bonds will only intensify their choke hold on a dying nation. Unless, *We the People* respond.

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A disgust for Sen. Kennedy as he assumes for himself what he denies the tax payers

Closure for the nations primaries is ending today. With Sen Kennedy buying a little more of life. After 3 1/2 hours of surgery for his malignant brain cancer. Making a public announcement that he is looking forward to campaigning for Obama’s run for the presidency.

Like most Senators in Congress, Kennedy is a millionaire many times over. Yet his medical expenses are a public expense absorbed by the tax paying public. Kennedy is one of a majority of senators who say that the government can not afford such coverage for the nations citizens. While passing legislation, to make sure that they have such medical coverage.

People like Kennedy, who pretend to be passionate about the nations needs are bold face hypocrites. It is about time such people are made to account for the harm they have caused many millions of Americans.

Kennedy, McCain, Clinton and Obama are self serving aristocrats who care little about the public interest.They only care about power and wealth at the publics expense. When if ever will the public wake up and put an end to this American game of charades.

What do any of the presidential hopefuls have in common with most Americans. Consider McCain, he earned more than six million last year and owning seven or more homes. Then we have Clinton, so wealthy that she has been able to invest millions into her campaign. Obama earned $4.2 million last year. Then there is the house worth $1.65 million. That he secured with the help of indicted Tony Rezko. The answer as to what these wanna-be presidents have in common with most Americans-Nothing!

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Quality of life dives South regardless of the next U.S. president

Most know that 30 members of the Democratic National Rules Committee gathered in Washington. And to their satisfaction resolved their problem of what to do with banned delegates from Florida and Michigan.

The work put fourth by the DNC in Washington. Does not matter at all when it comes to the quality of life most Americans can expect to experience. When a new President, takes office in January 2009. At best it will remain the same, but most likely our quality of live will take a further dive South.

The American oligarchy, rule by the many against the few, has decided that Barrack Obama will be the democratic nominee. At the moment it is just not official.

This indeed could be Hillary Clinton’s finest hour. If she would take advantage of this golden opportunity, by breaking all ties with the Democratic party. Taking her delegates and running as an independent Presidential candidate in November. She should do it because she wants to be President! But the few are not going to allow that to occur, so it is her only option. She should do it because she will never have this opportunity again. Then the voting public would have a choice between Clinton, Obama and McCain.

Could she win? Yes, if she made a clear and dynamic break with the democratic party. Advocating convincingly the points discussed in Saturdays posting. But realistically it is not going to occur, because she herself is a member of the few, who makes life more and more miserable for the many.

Voting! If it is Obama -v- McCain, I will vote for McCain, if it appears that the election becomes to close to call. For me that is a huge step because I despise every aspect of republican politics.

Clinton -v- McCain, my vote will go for Hillary, if the election is to close to call.

A Clinton, Obama ticket, my vote will follow McCain, if the election is to close to call. In actuality, I abhor Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama, and certainly not John McCain in the oval office. For all the reasons stated in the posting dated 31 May.

I am hoping Ralph Nader is on the ballot again here in Florida. So that I can vote for him again. Enjoyed being one of the one million voters, who were credited with denying the Democrats the White House in 2000. Many saw such votes as being wasted. I voted for Nader because I wanted to send the democrats a message. I am sick and tired of democratic politics as usual. Therefore, my vote was not wasted.

Now that Presidents Bush will be leaving office soon. It has been a great eight years. Because look at the mess the nation is in, and its not going to get any better. Until Americans wake up and have Venezuelan revolution.

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As a closing thought, Gore would have taken us to the same place that we find ourselves under the Bush government. He might have gotten the nation there a little sooner or later. Because the problem with America is an oligarchy political system, wearing the yoke of capitalism.

Clinton, Obama vs McCain ponds of *oligarchism* which is playing out on the world stage in the nations capital

During the course of human events, its history can teach valuable lessons. One such event is occurring in Washington, in the District of Columbia. As the Democratic National Committee struggles to find closure for its presidential nominee.

The other is a little more dated but it also offers a valuable lessons. It’s the current history of Venezuela and its President Hugo Chavez. Its about a president who offers the people a democracy separate from the perils of capitalism. Which is the opposite, of what is occurring today in our nations capital. When all is said and done, neither Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will be the peoples presidential candidate. One of those two will oppose John McCain. Who is also, not a candidate of the people. Which ever one is to live in the Peoples House, will serve the interest of the few against the many.

Learn to revolt and create a Peoples Democratic government! Absent the rule by the many against the few! End capitalism oppressive slaughter of your finances!

As an introduction of contrast between the two, a short discussion about America’s failed marriage between democracy and capitalism is in order. From this spectacle, people can learn what will work to make democracy available here in the United States. Along with erasing the horrors of capitalism.

Many people think that democracy and capitalism are one and the same. That concept is not true. Democracy has an unique appeal because of what it has to offer the many outside of the oppressive rule of the few.

The United States operates under a political system of oligarchy rule. Under such a system a few families and their friends govern. They are hell bent on making sure that the *many never* experience the fruits of democracy. Three such fruits are freedom, fairness and economic justice.

Capitalism is the oil that lubricates oligarchism allowing it to survive and function as an oppressive machine for capitalism.

The people elect representatives to execute their business which must be based upon their consent. But in the halls of congress today, little legislation is produced that directly benefits the majority of citizens. A government that thinks that $5.85 is a fair, and livable wage, for so many does govern a democracy. All wage earners must have their wages pegged to inflation. Meaning wages must parallel the inflation index. How could such a scheme work, some might wonder? It is more complicated than this, but here is an elementary answer. The people will take control of their government. Forcing corporate conglomerate, capitalists to fund the peoples economic needs. Remember trillions of dollars exist for U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let the people spend their money on themselves and not on the capitalist government.

A peoples government with the peoples consent would mandate that the working public by law must organize. Collectively bargaining with their employer for fair wages and an employment package of other benefits. Failure by a government to enact such fairness disqualifies itself from governing a democratic society.

A government that does not provide national health insurance for the people of the nation is unfit to be the peoples representatives.

Based upon the collective human need for such legislation. Most Americans would send their servants the elected representatives to enact such legislation. They would if they could, but capitalism is at the opposite end of the spectrum from democracy. Capitalism is a well oiled merciless killing machine. With no respect for human need or human dignity. The oil cans of this merciless killing machine with their vast wealth. Select and financially under write candidates who will legislate their agenda. Who today are in the personage of Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John McCain They will never include fair wages indexed to inflation. Allow for the kind of collective bargaining making the bargaining table fair for the many against the few. Despite the political rhetoric from this dismal three. The many will never see the kind national health insurance the few enjoy. Which of course is funded by the many for the few. It is time to make those asses and elephants pull the people in the cart of luxury for a change.

Actually the government at the national level and state level write few bills. The capitalists employ a huge work force to write legislation for them. They then walk the halls of congress *lobbying* the congress to pass their legislation. And of course the result of such behavior creates a great burden of unfairness upon the nations working citizens. Again, a government at any level that allows this practice is not fit to govern a dog kernel. Let alone a people desperate to enjoy ail the fruits of democracy.

You have heard it said that money is the root of all evil. For this discussion it is true, and the blame can be attributed to the United States Supreme Court. The court ruled that money is speech. And as such, speech is a protected right. That case was wrongly decided. Money in itself is always silent. Money is power. In the hands of politicians and it buys elections. Money is power not speech. Power is not protected by our constitution. Because the capitalist court ruled that money is speech, great disadvantages have rained down upon laboring America. A government that will not correct this unfairness contributes to the peoples oppression. Adding more proof of how the few cause pain and suffering for the many. Such scoundrels must be made to pay for their injustices upon the many.

Capitalism does not care about liberty, fairness, or economic justice. It’s all about profits. Pure capitalism will employ the harshest and most cruel forms of exploitation to churn out a penny of profit at the expense of the laboring public.

Hugo Chavez was discovered by the world in early 1972. He was involved in the violent coup to overthrow a democratic elected Venezuelan President. Which served the interest of the United States like so many governments. It failed and Hugo was imprisoned. His fellow officers, rallied again, to overthrow the government and free Hugo. That coup also failed, and Hugo Chavez spent two years in prison. As can be expected, the coup led by Chavez dealt with economic disparities between the slaughter houses of Venezuela. And the Venezuelan work force slaughter in those houses. By ruthless capitalist, who welcome death in their slaughter houses for the sake of profits. In what ever country that a capitalist economic system operates the beginning and the end is the same.

The first lesson concerning human events to be learned. Is that violence should not be employed when trying to overthrow the government.

A lesson Mr. Chavez learned because he made the transition from soldier to politician. He founded a political party known as the Movement of the Fifth Republic. He was elected President of Venezuela in 1998. He has been repeatedly reelected by the many. Despite the uproar from the few in Venezuela. Which resulted, in a United States government sponsored coup against President Chavez.

The second lesson from the history of human events. Is to learn that the successful overthrow of the government must be done at the ballot box.

Shortly into his second term in office using his executive privilege he signed into law a number of reform laws. By passing the National Assembly which catered to the nations capitalists and the United States machines of oligarchy. The enacted laws brought about land and oil reform. The intent was to empower the people with greater liberty and economic reform.

The capitalists in Venezuela called for a strike by the people to protest Hugo Chavez’s reforms. The strike failed! President Chavez had the overwhelming support of the people.

The next step in the capitalists agenda was to create a crisis in the currency of the nation. Which they could do, because they controlled the banking system. It’s a ploy capitalists use all over the world to control markets. And to keep people, in perpetual dependency on a corrupt economic system.

Resulting in yet another lesson from the history of human events. Which is that the nations banking system must be removed from the control of the capitalists.

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Cheaper gasoline at the pump just a revolution away

The purpose of this posting is to give some rationality to the notion for the death of God in America. The rational for God saying you religious fundamentalist are a pretty useless bunch. It has to do with the 7 golden lampstands. One which is like the Son of Man. And those 7 stars, in His right hand. Read Revelations declarations concerning the church, Revelation 1:20, and, 2:1-29, then, 3:1-19. Those scriptural references provide a historical outline of church history. God finds reason to praise the church. But he shows us our weaknesses as a church community. Adding some stern warnings for the church to correct its ways. Failure ultimately results with the influence of the church being extinguished. But one last plea with each rebuke is offered by God, “Those that have an ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.” Perhaps at this juncture of our history there has never been a more urgent time to hear what the Spirit of God is saying unto the churches. Maybe the destiny of the United States depends on what the church hears, along with its response. For in all aspects the Son of Man, or Jesus Christ was, and is, the worlds foremost revolutionary. That is what the Spirit is saying unto the Churches. Practice the Christianity of Jesus Christ.

In a real sense which escapes far to many Americans, the death of God in America, represents the death of America. Future postings will provide more clarity to that statement.

Study the life of Christ, during his 33 years on this earth. Paying attention to the power of religion and state The two combined caused his execution. God is dead to those, who would attempt to combine religion and state to advance a self serving agenda. Christ was an agent for revolution. Which often flew in the face of religious, and state leaders. Those people, who see themselves as the master of societies destiny.

Christ always used his crayons to color outside of the lines of the picture to be colored. Resulting in an artistic declaration separating himself from the religious and state leaders. Always advocating for the cause of ordinary people. That is what Christians should be doing today. Advocating for causes that will benefit ordinary people. Demanding that the oil conglomerates sacrifice their billion dollar first quarter profits to drive down gasoline prices at the pump. Complete revision of the federal and state tax laws. Placing more of a tax responsibility upon corporate America. While reducing the tax burden, for the general population. Causes like the elimination of hunger and homelessness. A clean environment and universal health care. A livable wage for working people. The end of the unlawful occupation of Iraq. With the demand that the perpetrators of that war to account for their actions as war criminals. Which reaches beyond the White House, to the Congress.

For causing so much suffering, for so many American families. Because of the unnecessary deaths of the nations soldiers. Brave public servants from all branches of our military.

The Bush administration is guilty of depriving Americans of the funding for the causes just mentioned. One can quickly see that this would put the church outside the favor of the state, if the church practiced the revolutionary tactics of Jesus Christ.

Which of course, does not include one element of the church. That element is evangelical Christian fundamentalism or the religious right. They have decided to join the state. So as to use the state, as a vehicle to fulfill their agenda.

When this writer, in this posting criticizes religion or the church it is from the perspective fundamentalism Christianity, the religious right. It’s in reference to that group that got it its start at Plymouth Rock and spread westward. Called native Americans heathens because of their religious practices. Condoned the theft of the Native Americans land and property under the pretense of God’s will. Influenced the nations leaders to slaughter these Native Americans almost to the point of extinction.

It was the influence of religious fundamentalism that caused the enslavement of African Americans. Said they were less than human. The property of white people. Influenced society, and the nations elected leaders to look the other way. As they, at will lynched people of color for absurd reasons. Blew up church’s and shot civil right workers. In the name of God.

There influence is haunting the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton. They have always seen women as the property of men. A gender that needs to be taken care of by their husbands. Incapable of functioning outside of the realm of their husbands protection. So ingrained in the nations consciousness is the inferiority of women compared to men. Resulting in many opposing her candidacy, based on the fact that she is a women.

A very long time ago Christian fundamentalism discovered that God had deserted them. They made that discovery when their prayers fell upon the deaf ears of God. Here are a few examples. Christian fundamentalism have hated Roe v Wade since 1973 when the court legislated Roe as the law of the land. They prayed and wept with great anguish for its reversal. When that did work they took to bombing reproductive health clinics and shooting people. Christian fundamentalism, the religious right with stained blood on their church. Discovered that bombings, and killings would not bring about the necessary changes. That created a profound dilemma which demanded a solution. The solution was the make over of Christian fundamentalism into a political entity of the religious right. From that platform, they found the method to integrate their agenda through control of the government. Since their deity had left Christian fundamentalism without a lampstand, they needed to become the state.

The state depends on the church to control the masses so that they do not overthrow the state. The best way to do that is to grant the church some concessions. Over the decades we have seen this unfold. Even more so today with school vouchers to religious schools. Tax payer monies to faith based programs. This relationship between church and state is working for the state, but not for Christian fundamentalism. They crave complete control of the government. More and more, we see Christian fundamentalists associated with the religious right holding local, state, and federal offices. They are impacting legislation at all levels of government.

Religious fundamentalism, the religious right has had hundred of years of reflection of unanswered prayers in America. The extinction of Native Americans, enslavement of African Americans. And other evils sponsored by the movement, the property of women as God’s special gift to men. While it appeared thorough, they always fell short of their complete conquests. When the desired results, through prayer did not occur Christian fundamentalism has always turned to more violence as their weapon of choice. They now know that violence is not the complete answer. In order to succeed they know that they need complete political control of the country.

The entire world got to see how they attempted to over power the government at every level. With their ridiculous and dangerous arguments. The country and the world got to see this through the Terri Schiavo tragedy a few years ago. They used the church as a house of prayer and a temple for the raising of money to demand the resurrection of a dead woman from her death through the state. They knew God was not going to return her to life. Even though they prayed for that to occur. They were forced to turn to the politicians and the courts and that failed. They railed and threatened the politicians and judges for their disobedience. Saying that people involved in removing her feeding tube were guilty of murder. The threat was taken serious enough for some to be provided police protection. The Schiavo saga is not over. Christian fundamentalist will make it a major issue for John McCain’s presidential hopes. They are not certain whether he is their pawn like President Bush. It will be an issue through out the country were ever a politician runs for office. Because Christian fundamentalism has made it self into a national power broker of influence for candidates seeking political office. Few politicians today are willing to take issue with their agenda. Which includes Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Christian fundamentalism learns from its defeats. They lost the Schiavo controversy. But they continue to condemn politicians, on both sides of the isle. Who fail to deliver the verdict they seek. Issues like the *right to die,* *stem cell research,” *reproductive choice* and *gun control* to name a few hot bed issues for the religious right. Major issues most Americans support but politicians will not touch because of the influence of the religious right. Those issues need to be answered by Clinton and Obama. McCain will remain silent. Because even if suspected of supporting any of those issues, they will doom his presidential hopes.

In many respects the religious right is the republican party which puts them at odds with Jesus Christ. And the republican party, or the religious right, is the whore for the nations corporate conglomerates. Together they are responsible for the dismal tail spin of a great nation headed for ruination. Unless the church wakes up and begins to practice the Christianity of Jesus Christ. Hoping to keep that lampstand burning bright for his universal causes.

Take careful to note of this closing argument. Because it is a hot bed issue for the religious right which they will never give up on achieving. The framers of the nations constitution knew what they were doing when they signed into law the separation of church and state. Christian fundamentalists, the religious right is at war with the framers of the constitution. Because it is the deepest thorn in the side of those who would impose their concept of God upon the nation and the world. A reason must exists as to why the leaders of a religion would want to make their religion the religion of the state. It’s because God has extinguished the flame from their golden lampstand. There is no correlation between Christian fundamentalism, the religious right, and the teachings of the Son of Man. Seven times they were told to change their ways or be cut of from God. They decided upon the latter. Their candle flame was snuffed out. That is why they turned to the absolute control of our government.

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A politician worth respecting

This writer, had a conversation with some people who were asking for a donation for a very good cause. I declined to donate any money. And said, that it was the government, who should be funding that good cause. Which drew the response, that the government could not afford to pay the cost of medical treatments. Which brought this writer to reply. That if the billions of dollars spent on a senseless and criminal war in Iraq could be diverted to the medical needs of Americans. Much pain and suffering could be avoided. And some of that money could be diverted to stem cell research which would benefit Americans, and people around the world.

For a change, it would be nice to see this government advocating a solution to crippling diseases. Rather than non existing weapons of mass destruction which was the pretext for going to war. Or the existing pretext of bringing democracy to Iraq and the region. Something the Iraqi people or the region is not seeking. And will reject, with great violence if necessary. Costing the the tax payers billions more while seeing thousands more American soldiers die.

That represents the politics of John McCain. Should his opponent be the Chicago or New York senator that will become their politics as well. They just will say it differently but the end results will be the same.

On the other hand, if one of these candidates really wants to become the darling of the American people. Here is their meal ticket to the White House. Make stem cell research the center piece of their first term. Promising to campaign against any congress person who opposes such federal funding. Such a President would have the immediate support of the majority of American voters.

Of course it would not hurt their image at home or abroad, if the next President, would pursue war crime indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

I know, and you know, neither is going to happen. First because the current crop of candidates are cut from the same piece of cloth as the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And the power structure of the nation would not allow neither to occur.

But then again, it could happen, if enough Americans really became angry and made it happen. I recently said something about commitment and sacrifice. That is exactly what would be necessary, big time.

Studs Terkle prize winning author and radio personality turned 96 today. He once said, “Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things.”

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Reasons this American presidential election cycle is as unless as all the previous ones

A great evil is looming over the United States. It could make the dark ages look cheery and bright. It’s the religion of fundamental protestant evangelical Christianity or the religious right. The same people who put President Bush in the White House. And will put John McCain there, if they collectively decide to support him.

They see themselves as the messengers of God. A people with some rather twisted religious doctrines. Just several will be discussed with this posting. With all of them being discussed in a brief manner.

First the religious right is primary responsible for many of the troubles America is encountering today. With one of the main culprits being capitalism. The religious right is the modern day extension of puritan Christianity that plagued and terrorized so many at the inception of this nation. They laid the foundation for the economic theory of capitalism in this country.

The proponents of capitalism assert that profit for the nations elite occurs because of the mysterious hand of God working in the market place. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because, God had nothing to do with their market place exploitation of the working public. The elite were made rich through the brutal sub-human working and living conditions of laboring Americans.

Americas labor unions provided laboring Americans with the economics necessary for many to escape their sub-human living and working conditions. Causing economist to classify these people as middle class Americans. But when people live from paycheck to paycheck, they are all still very poor. The extension of credit has made many feel they are more prosperous then they really are.

For over two hundred years, puritan capitalism has ravaged this nation and the world community. That era of history is ending. Its doom was launched when the Muslim world attack the United States 9/11 2001. Each succeeding year the sheering of economic difficulties has plundered laboring peoples economic survival to ground zero. Laboring people are being strangled to death by the destroyed housing market. Along with the daily rising of gasoline prices with no end in sight. And with the outrageous rising food prices. While the elite, in these industries continue to prosper. With the oil conglomerates showing record profits again for the first quarter of this year. And it will continue, for the next three quarters of this year. Unless the American people put an end to such elitist exploitation of their money and social welfare.

In order for capitalism growth and survival three forces are necessary. The rich or elite depend on religion as the glue that holds their power together. In America, that religion is puritan protestant evangelical Christianity. This religion of the religion right holds sway over millions of Americans. There leaders than in collaboration with the nations corporate conglomerates put together a government. From time to time, these three bicker among each other. But their differences are always smooth over because each knows that their independent survival depends on the collective survival of the other.

Think of that in terms of the office of the presidency, the congress and the courts and you gain insight into why nothing really changes for laboring Americans.

It is time for Americans to put an end to this calamity of suffering and do away with this American system of exploitation. It is done through the preaching of the gospel as touched upon in the two previous postings.

Next on the list of twisted religious doctrines of the religious right. Is that they see themselves, as having the responsibility to take their religion to the four corners of the world. With all the fruits of deception discussed above and without respect for culture or custom. Any religion that disrespects the customs and cultures of any people is not Christ based. Our Christian duty is to preach the gospel as noted in Revelation 14:6. When a person embraces Christ, and experiences his life changing power. Forbidden biblical customs of their culture will be eliminated with new birth miracle of all things becoming new and old things passing away, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Where they have disrespected the customs and cultures of a people, they reap havoc and chaos. Take for example, the genocide of Native Americans. The forced slavery of African Americans. Where customs and culture were set aside by force. Because the customs, and culture were considered subversive to the interest of Christianity, capitalism and the U.S. government.

It works best when religious zealots can combine their efforts with corporate and government complicity. Which is the nations history, and most definitely is occurring all across the country today and around the world. But its economic power and influence is losing its global grip, as Americans begin to experience its economic pinch.

Since the inception of this country the religious right, or protestant evangelical fundamentalists has distorted scripture. They have seen themselves as the moral arm of the state. Their sole aim is to proselyte by persuasion or force which in itself is a form of torture. This is done in order to gain converts to their hard line religious fundamentalism. Often they employ scare tactics of eternal life in heaven, as opposed to spending eternity in hell. That is the proselytizing by persuasion which is the mention form of torture. Both doctrines are erroneous and have been discussed in previous postings. Leaving no need for reiteration. Other than to say, such doctrines keep the bank accounts of these churches operating in the black. Fear of the unknown sells well. Especially when a way is declared to the escaping of hell.

It also helps these churches to escape the responsibility of teaching the ethics and liberation doctrines emphasized by Jesus. As he demanded economic, and social equality. As a consequence of the gospel being preached to the community of people, with its accompanying new birth experience.

For the religious right, tolerance can not exist outside of their world view of Biblical interpretation. An example would be the Salem Witch Hunts. Every behavior is judged by a their religious standards. One of their most dangerous scriptural edicts is found in Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves.” That encompasses all customs and cultures that are outside of their very narrow theological mind set. That includes many Christian denominations!!! The wolf is a very magnificent beautiful creature. One that looks harmless, but is capable of sudden destruction. To the religious right the wolf is symbolic of the Devil and demoniac possession. So all people, as individuals or groups who perform good deeds to better humanity. But do not perform those good deeds, by their religious standards. They are servants of Satan, and possessed by a demon. They just are not aware of this demonic possession. That is the task of the religious right. To deliver individuals and the nation from the grip of Satan. Using such scriptural tactics has caused great division among protestant Christianity. Leaving the Church splintered and powerless to confront the Churches real enemies. This constitutes, yet another series of their twisted religious doctrines.

The religious right has a standard by which they measure good works either by individuals or organizations. It’s found in, Luke 6:43-45, a good tree brings forth good fruit not bad fruit. Verse 44, ” every tree is known by its own fruit….” Verse 45, ” A good man out of the treasure of his heart, brings forth that which is good; and an evil man, out of the evil treasure of his heart, brings forth that which is evil; for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

From the religious right perspective, here are some examples of behaviors either by individuals or organizations that do not bear good fruit. The United Nations, The World Council of Churches, Muslim Federations, Jewish Federations which must be differentiated from the state of Israel. Abortion providers and gay organizations, of course. Along with all the people who seek their services. Not to be left out is the United States Government!!! Which is why the religious right works so hard to put one of their candidates in the White House. Candidates like President Bush, who identifies, and attempts to perpetuate the agenda of the religious right. With one of their ministers serving as his spiritual adviser.The list is endless for organizations and individuals who bare rotten fruit by the standards of the religious right. No matter how desirable the end results might be. They can not ultimately bare of good fruit. They are “Wolves” in Sheep’s clothing made clear in verse forty five. It is accurate to say that they will not bare good fruit. But they are not the ravening wolves Jesus discussed. The ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing are religions like Islam. Pretending to be divinely inspired by the very God of Jesus Christ. Islam is not alone in this category. Any religion, that denies the life changing experience through Jesus Christ is a member that exclusive club.

In order to simplify Biblical doctrines which allow for works to bare good fruit. Fruits acceptable to the religious right. They must emerge from the embracement of the fundamental evangelical protestant conservative Biblical doctrines. Often espoused by independent churches; along with many Baptist Churches.

To be a member of the religious right you pretty much have to be very dispensational in your theology. Dispensational theologians and their followers see the world divided into seven dispensations of time. They believe the world is now near the end of time. The return of Christ is eminent and could occur today. To them the hour is so urgent. They must fulfill their mission of proselytizing the world community to their religious belief system. While handing the world community, to corporate conglomerates, and the American government for the trio’s exploitation.

It is the goal of the religious right to influence the domestic and foreign policies of our government so as to hasten the fulfillment of certain prophecies. Only adding to the difficulties and suffering of the American public. All because of another series of twisted religious doctrines by the religious right.

Generally, they offer offenders (sinners) the opportunity to repent. When that does not work, they have used brutal barbaric force. How else would one describe the experiences of Native Americans, African Americans and the victims of the Salem witch hunts. Sure it’s history that can not be repeated in this modern era; some may argue. But other tactics are available. Persuasion and torture can take upon itself different forms. One form of such violence can be verbal. Verbal violence has one aim. That aim is to persuade gently if possible. If necessary, verbal violence escalates to absolute humiliation. That represents torture because the goal is to destroy the individual or group psychic. That has been one tactic used by the religious right. They attempt to persuade using all forms of communication available to spread the influence of their world view. If that does not work, the next step is to employ force. Their use of force has been the use of bombings and shootings. Not an unknown tactic of the religious right.

Perhaps as destructive as any form of force and torture the religious right employs. Is the labeling of behaviors that violates their religious dogmas. We all know something about destructive labeling. Labels like “baby killers,” “whore,” “faggot,” “liberals,” “unamerican,” “do gooders.”and that list also goes on….

The hour is urgent for the religious right. Christ is about to return. The country is mostly in the hands of the ungodly. Proof is the very people the religious right put in office failed them through the Terri Schiavo episode. If readers recall that seemingly distant history serves as a demonstrate of their determination, power and influence. Thought they lost, they managed to make their cause an international issue through various news outlets. Their power and influence is seen through out felt in every state government and the federal government. As they oppose stem cell research, universal health care, labor unions, global warming and many other causes the would benefit the American public.

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How to decide between Hillary Rodam Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama

One would have to be brain dead not to know that Hillary Rodam Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are engaged in a fierce battle. Each determined to become the candidate to represent their party in the presidential elections in November. With the successful candidate opposing John McCain to become the nations forty forth President.

A few more primaries exist for the democrats. Those primary voters may well help decide the fate of the nation. Because most likely, the uncommitted super delegates. Will make the candidate those primaries select their parties presidential candidate.

In a world that has become so fragile that an impolite sneeze could rock the world into a catastrophic collapse economically and politically. With that in mind here is a simple gage from the archives of history. For making the most prudent choice between Clinton and Obama. Samuel Adams, an early American patriot, and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had this to say. “In the supposed state of nature, all men are equally bound by the laws of nature, or to speak more properly, the laws of the creator.”

The public would be wise to select the candidate most likely to honor our Judeo-Christian heritage. Which is solidly based upon the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Because America’s early history was focused upon a recognition, that the nation was bound by the laws of our creator.

And of course, the same test aptly applies, when the nation selects its next president.

Christians need to be focused on that which must be

This series had its birth because of the astonishing violence in our public schools. A focus on the physical violence was reported by supplying the statistics as provided by a local newspaper. The papers statistical reporting of violence centered around the school district of Hillsborough County, Florida.

Adding to that violence is a New York city based organization (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Educational, Network or GLSEN) which has been promoting gay lifestyles as acceptable through out the nation. Making it likely that the physical violence occurring in the schools of Hillsborough repeats itself through out the nation. They have a quarter of a century history. But enhanced their effort for acceptance of moral and spiritual degeneration thirteen years ago. By attacking the nations public school students. Through the promotion of an annual day of silence. Which will occur again this April twenty fifth, across the nation. GLSEN by design has multiple purposes which includes the function taking place this month. Students who are gay and straight are being encouraged to remain verbally silent the entire school day. Calling attention to the consequences of being silent and silenced. Which to them means being bullied, called unflattering names, and made to feel inferior to others because of their sexual orientation.

However GLSEN being a cagey organization strikes with a violence more disruptive than physical violence. Which this writer has coined as silent violence. Which helps them gain sympathy because people appreciate the meek gentle approach. Jesus said, beware of such shenanigans because they represent falsehoods. Inside those advocates for acceptance of what God calls an abomination are ravening wolves. Who when slighted, and sense defeat of their falsehoods. Will unleash the physical violence that they crave to use. That is how evil works.

How can Christians identify such falsehoods that are so dangerous? By their fruits, said Jesus in Matthew 7:15, 20. With the intermediate verses of 16-19 being available for more detail. Christians love to sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” marching as to war. Verse 19, provides Christians with their marching orders, “Every tree that brings not good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.” Our test for rotten fruit is simple. If the fruit is in opposition to God’s truths, it is not good fruit.

Verse nineteen is not a call for violence. Lessons from this series rely upon the power of the *Word of God* to hewn down the rotten fruit. Which is the worlds, most powerful weapon. Jesus taught the strategy of victory from the cross when he said, “…, Father forgive them for they know not what they do…, Luke 23:34. Earlier having told the authorities when arrested, “Think that I can not now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” Matthew 26:53. But Jesus asked a more profound question in the following verse, “But how, then can the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?” Christians need to be focused on that which must be.

Though unaware of it GLSEN, and the whole of society, can have what they crave through Colossians 1:20, “And having made peace through the blood of his cross…” That is what must be. Along with our preparing the way for the King of Kings. Representing the fruits worthy of our repentance.

John the Baptist, came announcing, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, Matthew 3:2. Who became a voice exhorting the next generation to prepare the way of the Lord, Matthew 3:3. That generation was that of Jesus Christ. Who said, Verily, I say unto you. There are some standing here today, who will not taste death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom, Matthew 16:28.

Jesus has passed this mission onto modern day Christians. The preaching of the gospel of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. Continuing the preparation for the Kingdom of God as announced by John the Baptist. With Christ himself, being the fulfillment of our preparation of his kingdom. Which represent the fruits worthy of our repentance, Matthew 3:8.

In that this writer has posted a series of postings. Citing a number of scriptures condemning gay lifestyles. As being an abomination unto God, therefore eliminating the need to reiterate those Biblical scriptures. Other than to repeat Romans 1:26, “…for even the women did exchange the natural use for that which is against nature.” Moving onto verse 27, …”and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one for one another…” Returning to verse 26, “… For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections.” Suggesting that this human stain of homosexuality upon humanity has no place for social and moral acceptance. And perhaps, no hope of spiritual rebirth, apart from 1 Corinthians 6:11 which states, “And such were some of you; but you are washed. You are sanctified! You are justified, in the name of Jesus Christ.” The word *washed* is defined in Revelation 1:5, where we read, “And from Jesus Christ … and washed us from our sins in his own blood.”

Those verses clearly instructs Christians not to accept the presences and goals of GLSEN. Whether in our public schools, or wherever they emerge with their moral corruption. The only hope for homosexuals is found in being washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. The process of justification and sanctification being in Christ. As the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead. The prince of the Kings of this earth which is a reference to the day announced by Matthew 16:28. All because of love, as expressed in Revelation 1:5.

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Barack Obama not the man for the seaon

On the American campaign trail hoping to make history in more than one way. Is a guy named Barack Hussein Obama. And for those not aware of his middle name, yes it is Hussein. And yes, he has direct living family who are Muslims. Only an ill informed voting public, would put a man in the White house with family roots with the nations enemies. It is just difficult to determine just how far those Islamic roots spread. After all, he has done his best to enshrine his Islamic roots to his name. Before his name change, he was Barry Obama.

This writer suspects Mr. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. The Muslim community in America, and around the world is no less dangerous than Hitler’s Nazi party once represented. And secretively, he may well be a closet Muslim. So note carefully, what is to follow.

This writer clergyman suspects that what transpires on January 2009, will tip the scales of evil verse good in favor of evil. That will occur, if Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States. He is completely inexperienced and undistinguished in the vast areas where experience and distinguishment is necessary. Furthermore as a United States senator, his legislative accomplishments do not suggest that he would be much of a national or international leader.

His popularity is based upon a couple of factors. His rhetoric sounds so very good. Because Americans are feed up with politics, as usual. He promotes himself as an outsider from the political reality in Washington. Therefore asserting that he is the person to give Americans what they deserve which is a representative government. Who can argue against that agenda? No one! or at least not an American. But the jewel of his candidacy maybe locked deep within himself. Begging for the opportunity to work its magic against America’s destiny.

Secondly his appeal as being against the Iraqi war. Able to boast that he voted against going to war. Of the three presidential candidates, on that issue, he stands alone. Which in itself generates tons of political support from voters. But the deeper question is, why did he oppose the war? Could it have been because that jewel locked within Obama. Is the prophet Muhammad urging him to carry the Islamic torch to the next level? Where every person will say there is no God but Allah and his prophet Muhammad.

All this is partially based upon his association with Trinity Church of Christ. Whose senior minister is the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. , and ally of the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. These two men share the same vision for America. That the Islams most sacred figure pronounced. Islamic Prophet Muhammad boldly asserted at his farewell address in March 632. “I was ordered to fight all men until they say ‘There is no god but Allah.'” Then America’s most pursued enemy, Osama bin Laden, just as boldly announced in November 2001 that he too had his holy orders. Which stated, “I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad. On the heels of such associations and pronouncements comes, Barack Hussein Obama, democratic presidential candidate who just as boldly announced that his mentor for over twenty years has been the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. By inference, it suggests that Mr. Obama houses the same aspirations as the cited pronouncements.

Jesus defined an inference in this manner. “Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them,” Matthew 7:20. He warned us to beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing. But really are ravening wolves, Matthew 7:15. That madness, or as Jesus put it, the ravenous wolf, who could well be human and should be feared. There just seems to be to many thorns and thistles in Sen Barack’s orchard, Matthew 7:16, to trust him with the sacred office of the presidency. And I do mean, the sacred office of the presidency. The more I study the history of our founding fathers. The more impressed I become with their dependence upon our Lord Jesus Christ. An element absent in todays political arena. It is time to return our Lord to the forefront of American politics. Democracy in its truest meaning is a gift from God. Not always perfect, but better to seek the light than the darkness. Jesus is the true Light who gives light to every person in the world, John 1:9. Like the Jews, his Light is ours to accept or reject, John 1:11. John 12:46, is the American way. America needs to return to the glow of the light.

The name General Merrill ‘Tony’ McPeak is not a person most Americans know much about. But he is someone the voting public needs to know about. Because he seems to carry the torch of the Muhammad’s, Wright’s, Farrakhan’s, bin Laden’s and that of Obama himself. Whom Muslims may very well see as the man to whom the torch of Islam has been passed onto. That represents the ultimate darkness.

General McPeak served as Chief of Staff to the US Air Force prior to his retirement in 1994. There he was a constant critic of the Jews whom he accused of being responsible for prohibiting an Mideast peace plan. In retirement, he has continued his assaults. By declaring that Christian Zionists, whom with American Jews were responsible for the war in Iraq. Christian Zionists are a people who think Israel has a right to exist as a people and a nation. Naturally Jews globally, welcome the support of people who support their right to existences and self determination.

As should everyone because its the moral position to uphold. And the world’s God respecting people have a solemn duty to do so. For the Biblical edict, of Genesis 12:3 will never end. Where we are told, “And I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you. In you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Have you ever noticed that the nations of the world? That might be found by General McPeak, to be people constituting the *Christian Zionist* image. Are the most prosperous nations upon the earth? While the converse is true of the Muslim nations of the world. Or is Genesis 12:3, just a coincidence? We never see people living in Christian Zionist countries migrating to Muslim countries. While the converse, is a constant occurrence. With Muslims fleeing their homelands to ours because they want a better life. Once among us, they revert to their genetic composition to be a wild and unruly people of Genesis 16:12. Muslims accept their lineage to have been derived from Ishmael, verse eleven. Verse twelve records that, “he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren.”

If the governments of the Christian Zionists countries, had any sense. They would make sure these Muslim peoples. Would remain among their Muslim brethren in Palestine and other such countries. They do not have any sense, so it is up to the people who constitute the Christian Zionist identity to help the government. along.

Almost neglected to tell you who General Merrill ‘Tony’ McPeak serves in his retirement. He serves as Barack Obama’s military adviser and co-chair of the Senator’s presidential campaign.

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What the Presidential candidates are not telling the American public about their American foreign policy

Since the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, the management of national and international affairs has gone from bad under cowboy Ronald Reagan. Who never saw a Jew that he did not think should be return to Israel. To worse under Bush senior who thought he should make Israel safe for Jews. To worsened under ‘ Slick Willie ‘ who could not keep his fly zipped. To Bush junior, who probably can not unzip his fly and the worst of the bunch. Bush junior is the worst for many reasons. But for this article, this writer will concentrate on his association with the religious right with some very bizarre behavior with dangerous ramifications.

This writer states it is bizarre because it could be viewed as a behavior that is anti Semitic. Because of an organized effort to collect money to give to Jews, so they can immigrate to Israel. Only to eventually meet a bloody death. These are the some of the same religious zealots, who used to accuse, and blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus. In some circles of the religious right. They see this bloody slaughter of Jews as the redemption of Israel and eventually the world community of Christians.

Dangerous ramifications because it could lead to a major war in the Middle East. Because Arab Muslim lands are going to be needed, in order to expand the boundaries of the State of Israel. Which will be necessary, to house the many millions of Jews. Who will to return to Israel. Which might help explain why the religious right does not advocate peace between the the Jews and Muslims especially Palestinians. And why Bush junior is working, vigorously in the last months of his Presidency. To make the Israeli Palestinian conflict the legacy of his Presidency. They say say the land occupied by Palestinians is land promised by God to Israel. To make the situation even more dangerous it is apparent that Bush junior enjoys the support of the religious right and, he seems to support their agenda.

Nationally and internationally the Christian right advocates teaches, preaches, and raises money to encourage Jews to return to Israel. They do this because they think this will help bring about the end times or the Apocalypse of the book of Revelation. A lot of this is based on Old Testament scriptures. One such reference is Jeremiah 32:37, “Behold I will gather them out of all countries… and I will bring them again unto this place….”

Such a theory is problematic for many, especially Jews. Because the end times as viewed by these theorists, will spill the blood of many Jews and others. If you thought the Holocaust under Nazi Germany was horrific, this Holocaust will be worse. Zechariah 14:2 reads, ” For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…” Ezekiel 39:28, reads, “… I have gathered them into their own land, and have left none of them any more there.” Meaning lands of their captivity, even countries hospitable to them. Because Israel is the only land acceptable to God for the Jews. Revelation 16:15,16 sets the stage for what is to happen the Jews in Israel. verses 15 and sixteen reads, “… I come as a thief… verse sixteen… ” He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”( here Christ raptures believers from the earth)

During Armageddon, war will rage against the Jews and others for several years. Revelation 20:8, the enemies of Israel will number as the sand of the sea. Gathered to slaughter the Jews in the very homeland God provided for them. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them, Revelation 20:9. Suggesting that it was to much for God to witness. Especially from the their capital city Jerusalem or the city of David. This scenario seem to support Zechariah 14:2 and how it finally plays out.

The world population of Jews is estimated to be around six and half billion. The state of Israel has a Jewish population of a little more than six and a quarter million. The modern state of Israel is a about the size of New Jersey. The State of Israel is going to have to expand. If it is going to accept, all the people who will immigrate under such prophetic teachings. One would think that most people would put aside such teachings as nonsense. That is not the case. The religious right is gaining favor among many people. Who are embracing their prophetic end of the world teachings.

It is estimated that forty percent of Protestants align themselves with such Apocalyptic teachings.

Opinions sure vary on how to interpret the Bible and especially the book of Revelation. The literature of Revelation is symbolic and cast events in Star Wars proportion. But the Bible from cover to cover supports such Apocalyptic teachings.

Government officials like Bush junior compound the nations complicity. When they by policy, identify their religious beliefs through association with such Apocalyptic advocates like the religious right. From a world perspective it’s guilt by association. That is one reason why peace can not be expected in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Arab Muslim world is not ignorant of such Apocalyptic scenarios.

The American public finds itself engaged by two democrats and one republican who are campaigning for their bid to be the nations next President. What none of the three are willing to share with the public. Is where they stand with their Israeli, Arab, Muslim Palestinian foreign policy. Most likely they are being lobbied by two powerful lobbies. The very powerful lobbies of Israel and those lobbies associated with the the evangelical Christian fundamentalism or the religious right.

All modern American Presidents have aligned them selves with Apocalyptic contents of this posting. They just do not phrase their polices in Biblical terms. Instead they will announce their unequivocal support for Israel. Creating more in depth policy papers necessary to substantiate their positions for these various lobbies.

For the democrats, which ever candidate best articulates their foreign policy to conform with these powerful lobbies will be the democratic candidate. This writer suspects Barack Obama will have a lot harder tine persuading these lobbies than Hillary Clinton will. In the end expect presidential race between Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Then between those two candidates, whoever appeases those lobbies most effectively will become the next President.

The economy and bringing the troops home represent the public’s agenda. But that is superseded, by the power of America’s powerful lobbies. In reality they are the undeclared forth and most powerful branch of the American government.

And those super delegates we are hearing so much about. They are professional politicians who in the end will serve the interest of those lobbies who put them in office.

This writer clergyman is available to to expand upon the contents of this posting. Especially as it relates to Apocalyptic positions held by the Word of God. And America’s powerful lobbies who subvert the wishes of the American people. It would not be complete without bringing it all together with the nations fourth and most powerful branch of government. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information and other services provided.

A godless child makes for a godless nation

A strong, and authoritative police presences is necessary in order to protect students from each other. Including teachers and school administrators. Public schools have become similar to prison lock downs. Used as means to keep students contained within the school campus. And to keep the public locked out from entering public school campuses. There is a silent fear that some *sicko* might enter the school premises and go on a killing spree.

Not just the public schools, but the American society as a whole seems to have lost its moral footing. Ever wonder why? This posting will address the cause of our fall morally. Addressing the means for moral restoration for America, also.

Where is this public school scenario playing out? Most likely in any public school through out the United States. But in particular, the public schools in Tampa, Florida and surrounding communities. All these schools are governed by the Hillsborough County School District, based in Tampa. The chairperson for the district is Jennifer Faliero. Serving as her chief operating officer is Superintendent, MaryEllen Elia. At the helm of each school is a principle. Ultimately these principles are responsible to Elia and Faliero. Together they operate a multi-billion dollar industry. Which academically is poor, when compared with other school districts across the nation. Furthermore they can not provide a violent free environment in the schools they manage. As was discussed, in the previous posting. Where this writer discussed some of his encounters with the public school system. Along with a published report on school violence in the St. Petersburg Times.

So who is at fault for this gruesome arena of poor academics and violence plaguing our public schools? Is it the ineptness of Faliero, Elia and their school principles? Is it the result of race and social economic issues? The answer is an astounding yes! But it is far more complex, than an astounding yes. The factual answer is nestled in a public school system that has turned away from God. For those of us who are Christians, it is our duty to return Jesus Christ and the Bible back into the public school system.

In order to do this we Christians will have to follow the admonishment found in Ephesians 6:10. “… be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. In addition, understand that the battle will be fierce. There is a need for Christians in this battle to clothe themselves in the complete armor of God. Because Christians will be up against the best strategies that the devil can muster against us, Ephesians 6:11.

The struggle is not against flesh and blood any longer. Some strategies are now comfortably anchored within the schools principalities by anti-God legislation and court rulings. Forcing school boards and their subservient personnel within the public school or outside of the school to bow to secularism. This represents any source, or force attempting to returning God to the classroom.

The Word of God which is Jesus Christ, Revelation 19:13. Refers to this menace as, “… the rulers of the darkness of this world, (those who can not see the value Christ in the classroom) (even though the past demonstrates the value of Christ in the class room) against spiritual wickedness in high places, Ephesians 6:12. Christ considers opposition to a Bible curriculum in the public schools as, *spiritual wickedness in high places.* A forced Bible course for every student is not advocated, but rather an elective selection for students desiring such a course(s). It is wrong to force the Bible upon students, but it is just as wrong to deny students the opportunity for Bible study.

In the end a godless child makes for a godless nation. A nation doomed to social and economic peril. Unequivocally returning God to the class room will be a daunting task. In light of legislative and court rulings making God illegal in the the public schools. I am convinced that returning God to a place of honor and respect throughout our Hillsborough County School District must be done. Only a united Christendom can accomplish such a task. The question is are we up to such a task?

Need a speaker to address this dreadful dilemma of God outside of the class room? If not corrected the consequences will be more severe than those chronicled in the previous posting. Also student violence is guaranteed to become more violent in school. It will continue to spill over outside of school because what children do in school will carry over into every aspect of society. Requiring a stronger police presences wherever the public conducts its business. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

Calling police officers recource officers is tantamount to calling firemen water dispencers

If you do not have some association with the public school system, you may not be aware that some public schools are *war zones.* Places where student, faculty and administrators safety and well being are placed in jeopardy daily. At least that is the case in Hillsborough County, Florida. And this writer suspects that this scenario plays out the same way in schools across the nation, to a greater or lesser degree.

This writer is personally aware of one teacher being attacked twice by students. And another incident, where a student attacked a second teacher before she was removed from the school. One school principle was attacked by a group of students. These schools represent dangerous war zones. To such a degree that police officers are assigned to middle and high schools. This is a modern late twentieth century phenomenon which is only intensifying into this century. The police presences in our schools started out as a means to control the sale and use of illegal drugs. It has emerged to include a whole lot more. There presences today is necessary for the physical safety of everybody on the public school campus.

Since the inception of the public school system, many people have attended in complete safety. Schools where a police presence was unnecessary.

Things have gotten so bad that police have to protect students from each other. Along with protecting corresponding school personnel. While at the same time, making schools a virtue prison lock down. So that the public can not gain access. With the worse case scenario resulting with someone going on a killing spree.

One police officer reported to this writer that he had made ten felony arrest. Those arrest were based on students found carrying guns on school property. The officer also said that none of the weapons contained ammunition clips. Going on to say that he was thinking about wearing his bullet proof vest.

One female student told this writer that she had punched two teachers in the face. And said, that she would not hesitate to punch a third teacher. When I counseled her as to the possible future consequences, she just shrugged her shoulders. Saying you got to do what you got to do. She was already in a school. That isolated her, and many others like her from what school officials refer to as normal students. When I discussed this with a school administrator, I was told the following. These kids are not teachable because they do not want to learn. We warehouse them until they are of age. Then we kick them out of our schools. Resulting of course, with such students go on to prey upon an unsuspecting public.

In Tampa, Florida, where the School District of Hillsborough County is housed. There is some outrage among school board members. Because a couple of reporters, from the St. Petersburg Times. Published their findings about life in the counties public school system. They report that 405 fights among high school students occurred in the first semester. Those 405 fights were the fights reported to the school district. The public can rest assured that those 405 fights were just a slice of the real problem of fights on public school campuses. From my contacts, I would estimate that we are talking about many more hundreds of such occurrences.

Here is some of what the reporters published. Their published accounts feature violent incidences in North Tampa’s upscale Freedom high school. So you only imagine what its like in some of the other schools in the county. “A few hours earlier, a lunch time brawl had turned into a huge food fight. At least two school officials got hit with fists. Three students were arrested.”

Another incident they report about occurred over a fight. Which led to two students being arrested, after an administrator, was knocked to the ground.

In the other incident, “two female students got into it when one made a comment about the girls skirt being to short. As athletic director, Elijah Thomas tried to break them up, one of the girls jumped on his back, threw a punch and hit him,” Cobbe said.

The reporters asked, Linda Cobbe, district spokeswoman for the school district. Why so many fights? Cobbe said, there have not been any more fights than usual. It just that these brawls occurred at lunch time with hundreds of witnesses. As far as the 405 fights, Cobbe inferred, that most likely, county wide many more fights occurred than reported. Because certain school principals are conservative in their reporting. Which is *tantamount* to a cover up because obviously its an reflection on their administrative skills. Meaning it is equal to a confession that many more fights occur than are reported. With the danger to students and others being neglected.

Principals have no control over their student population. Which is the primary reason a police presence is required, on our public school campuses. But to make police protection less conspicuous, the police are referred to as resource officers. That is like calling firemen, water dispensers.

Obviously something is dramatically wrong with are public schools.

Need a speaker to address this dreadful dilemma facing society. If not corrected, it is guaranteed to get worse. And why not because what children do in school will eventually carry over into other aspects of society. To the point where a police presences will be necessary in grocery stores. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

Oil conglomerates profiteering and why it is so easy for them

Most Americans in the Tampa Bay community, and across the nation are experts at complaining about life’s circumstances that affect them in a negative manner. Again most, remain helpless when it comes to putting an end to those circumstances. This writer suspects that there are many factors for this national dilemma.

Certainly constant gratification by oil conglomerates for record breaking profits must rank high as a contributing factor. And incredibly low wages, for the nations work force. Which of course, makes it impossible to afford the price of gasoline. So how are many Americans putting gasoline into their cars and trucks? By using America’s favorite plastic, bank owned credit cards. With some economist warning, such a practice is sure to send the nation into that feared recession. Because users of those credit cards, are only making the minimum monthly payment. Incurring greater interest on the balance month after month. Until the credit market bottoms out following the consequences of the housing skid. The beginning of financially hard times have barely surfaced. When the credit market goes ‘belly up,’ that will bring the ‘second act’ of financial woes upon the American public.

Last year at this time the average cost of gasoline was around $2.11. So despite, the huge increases in the price of a gallon of regular gasoline $3.15 to $3.24. And expected gasoline to hit $4.00 a gallon by July. Then we can speculate how long will it take for gasoline to hit $5.00 for regular brands. All of which will stir complaining about Exxon Mobile profits. Along with their other oil partners in profiteering at the driving publics expense.

Nevertheless Americans, will still be willing, to put smiles on the faces of the oil conglomerates. While simple solutions are available to combat soaring gasoline prices, and the profiteering of the oil conglomerates. It’s a certain reality. Most Americans will not exercise the discipline necessary to halt rising gasoline prices. Exxon Mobile, and other oil conglomerates have nothing to fear from their profiteering from the American public.

The reason for this simple. Most people are about making noise. I call it the huff and puff syndrome. Meaning most people will puff a lot of noise (complaining) accompanied by very little puff (action). America’s elitist both in government, and business have long known about this syndrome for a very long time. It is the stalwart principle of capitalism. And it is found in one of the nations most sacred documents, the Declaration of Independence. It reads, “…, and accordingly all experiences hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed …”

It is a given, George W. Bush and his congress are huge flops at dealing with the nations economic crises. And John McCain, Hillary Clinton and especially Barack Obama will fare no better. Because they are wedded to the same special interest groups, along with the same ‘doldrum’ of a congress.

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Feeling the budget crunch it is because it takes $3 to buy what $1 bougth a year ago Why not implement the Christ solution

One more work day then another Saturday, which announces a 48 hour reprieve to recuperate from our employment struggles of the past week. It takes a lot of energy to survive this American existence when you know you are not paid a fair wage for your labor effort. Processing the knowledge that every dollar spent requires $3.00 more today than it bought a year ago. Meaning what a person bought for one dollar a year ago would cost $3 today. Which equates to a substantial loss in your annual income. Forcing many in our Tampa Bay community and the nation to survive on plastic. It’s estimate that the average credit card debt for Americans has never been higher. They say the average debt for users of plastic is $9,312. This writer discovered a family with a $7,000 credit card debt paying 30% interest on that debt. With some effort the interest on the debt was reduced to 20 percent. This writer suggested taking other steps to reduce the interest further. They are content to pay 20 percent interest with the card holders promise to consider additional reduction in interest later. Needless to say this writer was horrified at how easy it is to pacify American citizens.

Many American families think of themselves as being middle class. According to the experts, those people who determine how much money it takes families annually to be middle class starts at $25,000. Seems to this writer that single people earning $25,000 annually would not live on easy street. It’s pure nonsense for any economists to suggests that a family of four could live on that amount of money.

For many economists, it’s a given reality. Annually about 2 % fall from middle class to poverty or the poor class. Some say the test to really being middle class is the ability to survive financially with out a weekly pay check. If you can not, than your living in a state of poverty which means being poor. Seems to this writer that equates to a very small middle class.

When this writer talks to tired worn out people, who struggle to survive the American dream. It is often suggested that they take some time off just to rest. The reply is always the same. I need the weekly pay check to pay bills. For these people, secondary sources like savings accounts and investment have long been depleted. They openly state any unexpected occurrence would result in financial ruin. They assert that family members could not help them because they find themselves saddled with the same existence. A day did exist when families could rescue each other from the unfortunate events of life.

Another election cycle is upon the nation. This is a time when politicians know that its time to fire up the juices of the American voter. These magicians know that they must some how get the voters to stop focusing on their pocketbook and daily life concerns. So, the blame game starts. Once each party has a presidential candidate. Then our political parties start blaming the other party for the nations troubles.It is always the same rhetoric said differently every four years.

Leaving my residence gasoline in my area was eight cents cheaper than my return trip home. We all need relief at the gas pump. Here is a suggestion for relief at the gas pump. How about a suspension of the federal and state gas taxes permanently? The idea crossed my mind talking to people excited over the governments economic stimulus package. Especially excited are most over the prospect of receiving rebate checks in May. The problem is that all these fixes are temporary. None will provide permanent change. People are desperate! Gladly will most accept even temporary relief. It’s the age old tactic of the politician. Seems to rock most voters to sleep.Then when the election cycle ends the hammer to poverty will collapse upon many more Americans.

Here is a populists solution (meaning unamerican by government decree) Set the price of gas at some arbitrary figure meaning real low. Maybe a dollar a gallon! It can be adjusted up or down. We know that the price for a barrel of oil is not fixed by the United States government. The peoples congress (to bad the congress does serve as the euphemism suggests) would enact law obligating corporate oil to pay the difference so that gas can be sold to Americans; say for $1. a gallon. Making up the difference between the cost of a barrel of oil and the buck a gallon we pay at the pump. In plain language make the capitalists profiteers bite the bullet and not the American consumer. No reasonable person can accept a daily income of $150,000. as a fair wage for a days work these corporate conglomerate profiteers. It’s outrageous! Make big oil pay for their gluttony. It’s your America not the politicians who rock so many to sleep. Sleep walking is dangerous. Look what it has done to many bank accounts.

Many clergy present Christ as the meek suffering Saviour offering salvation to humanity which is true. But here is another picture of Christ that few talk about. He is the God of retribution and judgment. And his retributions and judgments are to be exercised now, in order to liberate the people. Jesus said, it has been done to you repeatedly, so it is pay back time. Jesus put it this way, You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns and figs of thistles, Matthew 7:16? Profits are represented by the grapes and figs. With the thorns and thistles representing a bankrupt workforce. Gutted by excessive greed and profits by the nations corporate conglomerates. The Christ economic solution is to put into play the law the prophets. Which is that whatever has been done unto you, do also unto them, Matthew 7:12. It is time for the colorfully dressed Pied Piper to play his musical pipe. And lure the rats once again to the river to drown.

Thia writer holds a degree in political theory making this writer knowledgeable on the economics of populism. Combined with his theological education with a major in the economics of Christ; workable solutions are available. While the above is simplistic, this writer is available to lecture on the substance of the theory. Please contact this writer through the navigation tab.

Making others wealthy is what the liberal progressive movement is about

In the United States we have a federal government that is not obedient to the public interest. This is not a new phenomenon by any means. Of course, the same is the case with our state and local governments.

Which has resulted in the birth of many liberal, and progressive organizations through out the country over the decades. They publish magazines, and host radio and television shows. They send speakers across the country on tour warning of pending doom if change is not forth coming. Go into any bookstore and you will find many books written by people associate with these liberal or progressive organization.

In their own way these organizations are profit driven organizations who for ever announce doctrines of doom and gloom. Here in the Tampa Bay community we have a local radio station, WMNF, 88.5 on your FM radio. They provide hours of liberal and progressive programing. They most likely have a membership of more than 10,000 people. These people donate millions of dollars in order to keep the station solvent. Most likely for many it just amounts to entertainment for its membership. But it also makes it a profitable and expanding business. For in the end, all that hollering about doom and gloom results in no change what so ever!

The same scenario can be painted for the thousands of other liberal and progressive organizations across the country. This writer appreciates the good information provided by all these organizations. If fault is to be found it is in the reality that these organizations only make noise. That noise does not result in much change. It seems that these organizations are in competition with each other. Subscribe to one of their publications. You are bound to be contacted by many liberal and progressive organization. They will be telling you how they provide the best information concerning the nations gloom and doom. The bottom line is for you to subscribe so the publication can be more successful. Your subscription will give you good information. But it will not change the nations landscape. For the most part liberals, and progressives are just a bunch of people who complain and gripe a lot. But your dollars help these organizations to become successful business enterprises. Which gives many, a reason to smile. Perhaps in the United States that is the purpose of liberalism and the progressive movement. That purpose being to entertain and become financially successful.

It’s not that the conservative movement is any better. They provide the same hype with the same results. Until the religious right, or evangelical Christian fundamentalism high jacked the movement. Turning the country into a social economic graveyard.

Evangelical Christian fundamentalism shares a common trait with Islam. Neither represent God’s gift to humanity. The former is mostly about economic oppression for the general population. While the latter is about legal oppression through Islamic law. What both have in common is that they will drag civilization back into the dark ages.

God’s gift to humanity arrived in the person of Jesus Christ. Who laid out a social economic spiritual platform for people. But people need to fight the establishment as Jesus did, if there is to be social, economic, and spiritual prosperity as promised. We the many, and not the few, were meant to be the benefactors. From the lineage of Joseph, through his sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Discussed in several recent postings.

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Former President Clinton took a lot of heat for telling the truth

In South Carolina the feisty Democratic primary is over. With absolutely no surprises as to the outcome. As most know Obama, won with impressive numbers. He won because nearly half of the registered voters are black. According to exit polls 4 out of five blacks voted for Obama. While it was the opposite outcome, with white voters.

Former President Clinton took a lot of heat for telling the truth. According to most media accounts, he said the following.Telling crowds of people through out the state. That Obama was neither ready for the White House, nor as likely to be elected as his wife.

As could be expected, black voters were offended. Claiming that the former President’s comments were taken as a personal insult. Because they thought Clinton was suggesting, that Obama could not win because he was black. Which is true, and blacks need to be offended! Perhaps that will cause them to grow up!

The only problem that this writer has with, former President Clinton’s, comments is that he did not go far enough.

No one knows exactly what he was thinking when he made those statements. This writer is going to read between the lines. Attempting to determine what he might have liked to have said, but just could not bring himself to say it. Which represents just one problem the nation is plagued with. That problem is this horrible doctrine of “political correctness.” Meaning people are supposed to couch language, ideas and polices in ways that are not offensive.

Since this writer has no tolerance for political correctness. Here is how I feel about Sen.Barrack Obama’s candidacy. He seems to be a black of good character worthy of respect. But as a black person he is the exception and not the rule. The rule is as follows with some exceptions. Most blacks are irresponsible, and inferior in intellect, social graces at home, school, work and community. America’s blacks do not deserve to have a black person in the white house.

Because it is an honor to have a President represent your ethnicity, meaning shared origins and traditions. Based upon intellect, social graces at home, school, work, and community. America’s white community needs to work together to make sure that Hilary Clinton is the Democratic candidate in November.

I know she ruffles the feathers of many Democrats. It should be obvious that the candidate is going to be Clinton or Obama. She is the only person who has a shot at beating the Republican candidate.
On Tuesday, Democrats go to the poll to vote. Do not waste your vote on former Sen.John Edwards. He knows he will not be the candidate in November. His contribution, as are any of the other candidates, is that of spoiler. For example, if Hilary had taken Edwards 25 % of the white vote. Or even as little as 15%. Obama’s margin of victory would have been in the range of 55% to Clinton’s 52%-42%. From this writer’s perspective, Hilary Clinton knows she won the South Carolina primary. Obama did not have a black candidate siphoning away his votes, as did Clinton. So Florida, make your vote count. As hopefully, the rest of the country will do on their primary day. Got friends living in those super states on Tuesday, 05 February, encourage them to vote for Hilary.

Will return to the unfolding of the last days of this age. In a strange way this posting fits into that scheme. Because it is a scheme about English speaking people who were white.

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Fabricating fear is good religious business

Those of us here on planet earth are most fortunate. Especially those of us here in the United States. Because, we have so many different and powerful Gods to chose from. Like mortal humans the immortal Gods also reproduce. For every birth of a God, we have the birth of a new religion. Like the creation of Christianity some two thousand years ago. Just consider how many Gods have been born as a result of that single birth alone. If one is curious just consult your telephone directory, and discover the long list of houses were a God may be found. Of course, the Gods are far to busy to be there themselves. So, they have anointed mortals to speak in their behalf.

In the catholic church we have the pope. The pope is the perfect incarnation of God in a mortal man; so we have been told. As such, the pope who has the ear of God, knows what is best for catholics and even non catholics. But a catholic by the name of Martin Luther, also had the ear of another God, who told him the pope had it all wrong. As spoke person for this God a new religion was born called the protestantism. Now this God was really sexually active procreating dozens of new Gods. If you doubt this just drive around your community. You will discover the results of those multiple births

Many other Gods exist who are not Christian. As a result of this, mortals have many different Gods to chose from. Most clerics representing some immortal God understands that their God has the perfect truth for all mortals. The puzzle for all clerics is why people can not understand this simple notion and chose their God?

Perhaps God is the figment of our imagination. Could the God notion be some preconceived concept for the control of the masses of people? The great multitude of mortals are very animalistic. Prone to inflicting great harm upon each other. One way to control this animalistic behavior is to create a system of superstition. Most mortals are very superstitious. Create a fear of the unknown weaved as the truth from God. Then you have a captive audience to perpetuated some preconceived God notion. The end result for many clerics is power and wealth. Fabricating fear is good religious business.

Readers might wonder where that leaves this writer clergyman. The short answer is as follows. This clergyman is devoted to the practical teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ taught that we should be charitable in our deeds. Our Christian deeds should be about making society fair for all people. Christians should work towards the elimination of pain and suffering. We should oppose evil and seek justice for the wronged and oppressed. Thomas in his gospel said that the kingdom of God is in us and all around us. It is not in some fairy tale fable conjured up by protestant Christian fundamentalism or the religious right to scare people into a belief system based upon fear and superstition which extends itself deep into America’s politics.

In conclusion, if people what to know the practical aspects of Christianity read the Gnostic Gospels. Many discoveries will be experienced like the role Mary played as chief strategists to Christ. This is in itself in sharp contrast to the role the church has relegated for women. Most religions, including Christianity, have suppressed the power and influence of women through out society.

This clergyman is available to teach these concepts from several different forums. Places like your church, the privacy of your home or elsewhere. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.