Truths of the Day

National Public Radio reports that, “Since May, counties that voted overwhelming for Trump, tallied a death rate six times higher than their blue state counterparts due to COVID!”

Why? “Misinformation!” Which has been linked to lower vaccination rates for COVID-19, according to NPR.

NPR produced their report from Charles Gaba, an independent health care analyst, who has been tracking partisanship pandemic trends.

NPR has declared that Republicans are now the demographic group of the unvaccinated in America.

Republicans are Angel’s of Death. In area’s other than the aforementioned.

Consider the GOP angel John Kennedy of Louisiana. He announced that he couldn’t support Dale Ho to a lifetime appointment on the Southern District of New York. Why? Because of Ho’s association with ACLU’s as their voting rights director. And for having served as a staff attorney with the NAACP.

Two stalwart organizations constantly fighting for equal rights for often brow beaten people from the likes of Death Angel Senator Kennedy and his republican colleagues.

Kennedy can’t support Mr Ho because he’s a smart and angry man. However Dale Ho is exactly what is needed to fix America.

Because trump is the Republican party, and trump is the ultimate destroyer of American democracy. It’s well established that all Republicans must bow in reverence to the ultimate angel of death, donald j. trump. Or say good bye, to their cherished helms of power.

It should be noted that Kennedy voted to confirmed Kavanaugh to lifetime seat on the the United Supreme Court.

“When over 1000 law professors, and deans of law schools, who wrote to the Judicial Committee, advising them that Kavanaugh, didn’t have the judicial temperament to be on the Supreme Court! And yet there he sits,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono D-Hawaii.

“Give me liberty or give me death,” Patrick Henry. People who want to destroy American angels of death, must raise themselves up with the same mantra. But in this era it must be done non violently. Get out the vote!

Write letters, and send them to newspapers. And especially, to politicians wanting your vote. At all levels of political governance.