histories greatest error

Daniel refers to Gabriel, as the man, who made a swift visit to his presences while praying. (cp. Daniel 9:21).

And Gabriel had a lot to say, but for this discussion, we are going to take a closer examination of Daniel 9:27.

Which reads, “Then He shall make an agreement with many for one week; (7 Yrs)¬† but in the middle of the week; he shall bring to an end, the agreed upon terms of the agreement concerning Jewish religious customs. That will bring about a God hurled abomination that will be globally devastating.

So what are we to make of this stated agreement? For starters, who is the He, who enters into this agreement? And with whom does He enter this agreement with? There is no way with absolute certainty to answer those questions.

Many theologians have tried; and they differ, when they tackle those difficult questions. So at best, those of us, who tackle those questions are engaging in speculation.

And such speculation has led to good friends becoming bitter enemies. Which has led to as many different church denominations across the world, as there are stars in the sky.

With each and every one of them proclaiming  that they have been divinely given the perfect understanding of what the Bible teaches.

Which has led to a Christ like presences upon this earth, that’s pretty useless from the perspective of many. After all, if that’s the case, how many different opinions on a single subject does God have?

Concerning that agreement here is a bit of speculation. This Padre suggest that the referenced, He is the modern day United Nations. And, the who, is the modern day state of Israel.

There is little speculation that antisemitism is a growing phenomena. Outside of the Arab Muslim world. Even the United States is showing dissatisfaction with Israel over the inability to arrive at a two state solution.

It will grow worse because Israel is and will continue to grow her land masses. Because God promised, all of Canaan Palestine as Israeli property. (cp. Genesis 17:7-8).

And perhaps from within the United Nations, a confederation of nations will move to eliminate the Jews globally, and their nation state of Israel. With or without the approval of such a growing, and influential governing body.

Causing Israel to make a treaty agreement with a power big enough to secure her safety. Again speculation abounds with the prevailing culprit being the Antichrist.

And whom, might this Antichrist be? None other than a sitting pope? And it’s argued that Vatican City will be the influential power causing the agreement to be broken.

Even though the Vatican was not an official member of the United Nations. But nevertheless, the Vatican severed as a respected power.

On, 21 March 1964, Vatican City was granted non-member status. Which greatly enhanced its status, allowing for even greater global influence.

Some argue that Vatican City, through a Pope will break this treaty mid week (3 1/2 years) launching the Great Day of the Lord or the great tribulation. Because, the papacy wants Jerusalem for itself.

Horrific changes will take place because caught up in, Daniel 9:27, are the words, abomination who makes devastation, which is is poured out on the desolate!”

And that, answers the asked question from Matthew 24:3, “And what shall be a sign of your coming, and the end of the age?”

With Jesus responding in Matthew 24:15, saying, “It will occur when you see, Daniel 9:27, occurring.

And note the phrase, standing in the holy place, Matthew 24:15 Giving some credence that the worlds hero/culprit could be a sitting Pope.

And that will kindle the fury of the Almighty. Launching the Day of the Lord, the great and feared tribulation.

Bringing about a global destroying Abomination that makes everything Desolate (useless). By virtue of to little of necessities, to be consumed by the world’s populations. End result, a desolation that is poured out because of a global betrayal of Israel.

With Jesus declaring, “That unless those days are shortened, no one will survive. But for the sake of humanity, those days will be shortened.” (cp. Matthew 24:22).

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