Truths of the Day

GOP Gov. Chris Sununu the New Hampshire governor declares Republicans in Congress have their priorities screwed up.

His comment centered around the censure of Republican Paul Gosar because it advocated killing democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez! It went on to threaten President Joe Biden!

Whoever thought we should be grateful, when evil exposes itself. Admittedly it’s rare, but for now we’re seeing the Republican party for what it really is.

A collection of totalitarian thugs, who want rebuild America in the image of the skunk donald the trump.

Whose blue print for America comes from his idle, Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Democracy needs a strong two party independent hierarchy of public servants. For republicans representatives like Liz Cheney, and the late senator John McCain.

The market place of ideas must be our hallmark. Then we the voters will decide which ideals shall govern America.

And the skunk trump, can watch these proceedings from his prison cell, after his conviction for treason.