power of gadgetry

Remember someone saying, “the old way is the better way.” With some shrugging it off by saying, yea! But what about this, as they produce the latest gadget that will propel anyone around the globe with the tip of their finger, or a pointer. So forever gone is the old way from the gadget perspective.

Well here’s an ancient opinion that argues that the old way is the better way. Penned 8 centuries BC who said, they will not *frame* their lifestyles by divine order because it’s old fashion.

Refusing to do the God thing because the spirit of gadgetry is so overwhelming. Our ancient writer defined gadgetry as Harlotry. While the gadget the came upon him, the spirit of God. Caused him to define harlotry as ‘unacceptable behaviors.’ The gadgetry of Harlotry is so powerful, that it didn’t then, or today, allow people a knowledge of the LORD.

That’s the old, but it always comes around as the newest gadget. Then come along this guy nearly 60 years after the birth of Christ. Telling us, this is the gadget you really should want because it never gets old, just better. Putting it this way, “Therefore; if any person is in Christ, they are new creations. Old attitudes and behaviors have passed away, and BEHOLD all things have become new.”

Source texts: Hosea 5:4 and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

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