Joker of the Moment

According to CNN, the media giant reported; that a federal investigation revealed, through the Office of Special Counsel. That no fewer, than thirteen former Skunk employees violated the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act prohibits government employees, from mixing their government duties, with political campaigning, that would in any way might influence political outcomes.

That caused CNN’s Jim Acosta to contact, Stephanie Grisham, 45′ onetime press secretary. Who revealed, donald trump Ok staffers to ignore the Hatch Act.

Grisham told Acosta, “In the White House, when we would get an Hatch Act violations, that was a badge of honor!”

Continuing Grisham told Acosta, “It was a joke in the White House.” The President use to say to us, “You know who’s in charge of the Hatch Act? It’s me! Go ahead and say whatever you want to say!”

It’s difficult for this writer to understand how the majority within the Republican party. Allowed the skunk trump the donald to single handily eliminate them as a party in less than four years. It’s now the party of TRUMP!

And worse yet, is the reality millions of Americans are okay with that.

Trump is a criminal, as the chief architect of the insurrection. And thus, the treasonous thing should be arrested and prosecuted as such.

Trump is to dangerous to be allowed to continually stonewall justice. In America, even an non-american, like trump has a right to argue his grievances. But the various systems need to expedite, and quickly resolve his gangster like tactics.

Because trump’s end game is to evade justice, cheat his way to victory in a 2024 presidential bid.

Knowing he can’t win fairly, so a second insurrection is the Skunks only hope. His campaign slogan will be get even. The tenet’s of Democracy escape totalitarian driven thugs like, donald j trump.