Joker of the Moment

the Skunk trump the donald had no problem with his insurrectionist determined to “Hang” Veep Mike Pence.

Common sense yells that it likely would have occurred had the Skunks fellow insurrectionists captured Pence.

Most of us saw the erected gallows on the capital grounds. And Trump wanna be in the image of Russian President Vladmir Putin has shamefully said, that he was, “totally fine with it!”

DeSantis the wrong, Florida’s cloned insurrectionists, duly baptized by the Skunk as a loyalist.

The wrong has come up with the grand scheme to pay workers, who will be fired for refusing to comply with employer mandates concerning COVID mandates.

If anyone thinks that the Wrong cares about workers, think again! Everything about the workplace is ENHANCED through a unionized work place.

Want proof? Compare UPS -v- Fedex employees doing the same work. You’ll discover that UPS workers fare much better in every category of employment.

For the Wrong; it’s about appealing to the Skunk, hoping to become the junior Skunk on any future Skunk presidential run.