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Is there anything that drives humanity more, than the drive to be independent by doing things our own way? It’s a trait that we inherited from our ancestors in Eden centuries ago.

And we know that didn’t play out well for them then, or for us today!

This discussion will paint a very scary and dreadful future for the community of nations. Because of Israel, Great Britain and the United States have failed to become the Noah they and the world needed.

From our distant past God spared His creation from annihilation because of Noah. Had He not found Noah, we wouldn’t be here today. But that was then, and this now, will it be annihilation or grace?

The pride of Israel could be symbolic of the United States, now the superior of the two nations.

Which is the inclusiveness within Manasseh’s birthright which Jacob passed on to his grandsons.

But blessed with the responsibility, and consequences!

Perhaps from Manasseh, Jacob’s America will rise another Noah? And able to testify for itself and Israel. Inclusive to the entire community of nations, frame your walk God’s way.

That was the message the ancient historian Hosea hammered them with. Referring to them as rebels.

The answer is on the horizon, according to our historian Hosea. Having declared, “There is no longer any place to hide.” Great Britain, the United States and Israel had drifted into¬† behaviors¬† described as whoredoms.

Which suggests that those nations have taken an independent path to survival, by setting aside God’s expectations for their own.

And that’s why the ancient world reaching us today needed, and needs a Redeemer.

As for Israel, despite her resilience’s for survival, and prosperity against overwhelming odds. Representing the power of God to protect His own.

In the end Israel is described as being defiled. Suggesting that Israel is seen by God being filthy. As for Ephraim, (Great Britain) she is charged with harlotry (meaning being promiscuous), see Hosea 5:3. Promiscuous as Great Britain has disregarded its Judea-Christian responsibilities.

In verse four our historian employs the word frame. Suggesting that God expected Great Britain or Ephraim, the United States as Manasseh and Jacob as Israel to frame their nation states as servants of the Almighty. Executing His purposes within carefully framed boundaries within His expectations.

As for America, God had instilled such desires within the hearts of the nations founding fathers.

Even from the not to distant past you would hear politicians declare that the United States as beacon of light to the world.

Such expressions came from verses like John 8:12. Then spoke Jesus unto them, “I am the light of the world. They that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

Today America has failed to walk that talk and shall pay the consequences. Hoses put it this way for America, Great Britain and Israel. “They will not frame their doings to turn to their God; for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them, AND THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN THE LORD,” Hosea 5:4.

Perhaps the key to understanding such a declaration is found in verse five. And the pride of Israel does testify to his face. Therefore, shall Israel and Ephraim fall through iniquity. Judah shall fall with them.”

Notice the people and nations mentioned Israel, Ephraim (Great Britain) Judah, the Southern when the nation was of two kingdoms, but today an all inclusive expressions for the Jews collectively, note Ezekiel 37:22.

Manasseh is not mentioned, even though his lineage is American. We learned that from a previous discussion and substantiated from such scriptures as Genesis 17:4-6 and Genesis 48:16-20.

Apparently there is an awakening, but it appears to be to late. They shall go with their flocks, and with their herds to seek the LORD. With this being picturesque of a spiritual revival. Unfortunately, He has withdrawn Himself from them, and they shall not find Him. See Hosea 5:6.

Because Hosea said, that their behaviors said that their behaviors were marked by a betrayal of the LORD’ confidence.

Which seems to be a system of governance and behaviors that is very grotesque. So grotesque that Hosea uses the expression, ‘begotten of strange children.’ Grotesque enough that God had committed Himself to destroy them.

This destruction will be quick, ‘now shall a month destroy them …,’ Hosea 5:7. Suggesting that only a month will expire between the fall of one nation to the next nations demise, until all three have fallen. Gone God’s kingpins in thirty day’s!

The finale to follow tomorrow.

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