Joker of the Moment

Never thought the day would occur, when this writer would agree with the skunk trump donald.

In federal court the thing argued that allowing the National Archives to release hundreds of pages of documents. To, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee, would cause him to suffer irreparable harm.

That’s where we agree, irreparable harm. But no doubt from different perspectives. For this writer a finding of treason.

In the end committee will determines the who, what and how trump, family, congress people and outside allies put together the almost successful, 06 January 2021, insurrection.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled. “Presidents are not Kings, and the Plaintiff is not President!”

It appeared that the judge was mocking the donald. Saying his claim of irreparable harm is no greater than the public’s right to know.

A concept beyond skunk trumps ability to comprehend. For the donald nothing supersedes his interest. And that’s what makes the twice impeached, and disgraced insurrectionist, so very dangerous.

Should the donald escape justice and make a second insurrectionist attempt in 2024.

Injustice is already in play, as his fellow republican insurrectionist through out the country, are doing there best to destroy the right to vote!

We the majority; who beat the skunk in 2020 by 7 million votes, can double that figure through fairness.

So fellow democracy lovers, we must turn out the votes. Despite republican efforts of known, and to be discovered harassment’s.