Joker of the Moment-pillow guy

Remember the pillow guy, Mike Lindell? He’s one of many who call themselves Christians. While at the same bragging that they’re trump loyalist!

From the get-go, this Padre finds it impossible to be a Christ loyalist and a supporter of the donald.

They are the converse of each other. One stands for decency, and the indisputable truths of the Blessedness of Matthew 5:1-11. It’s an inward experience with an outward expression to the world at large.

The twice impeached and disgraced one term White House occupant.

Who never saw a truth that it couldn’t turn into a lie. Who thinks women are his play things. That is the opinion of nineteen woman.

It’s evident that for the donald there is only one way his way. And his way demands absolute surrender and loyalty.

The argument put forth by another dangerous group; evangelical Pentecostal fundamentalist adherents, who serve his interest, his way. Because, the donald believes in God!

James the brother of Jesus sends those fools this message. “You believe that God is one. You do well. The demons also believe and shudder! (cp. James 2:19). Shudder trumper’s you are a collection of fools.

His way was to to establish a command center in a Washington hotel. Staffed by its two sons, and former National Security advisor, Michael Flynn.

With the sole purpose of creating an insurrection that would allow the skunk to be declared the lawful winner of the 2020 presidential election.

But Vice President Mike Pence sunk trumps evils. And trumps insurrectionist went on the hunt with the intended purpose to hang him. Proving that liberty, and justice isn’t the way trump or trumper’s!

God fearing people need to thank Divine Providence for intervening, and thus saving American democracy, as opposed to having a trump totalitarian government.

It was, crazy guy Lindell, who promised that trump would be reinstated as President in August 2021. Didn’t happen!

Now the crazy guy is off on another insane nightmare. Declaring that he’ll file a law suit, 09.00 hrs., on Tuesday, 23 November.

Followed conducting a 96 hour broadcast Wednesday before Thanksgiving through, to midnight Sunday.

During that time period, Lindell, promises to release every piece of evidence in his possession. That will prove that the election had been hijacked by China and given to Biden.

Lindell is confident that court will hear the case without it working its way through the lower federal courts. Mainly because so many state attorney’s generals had signed onto the law suit.

Lindell promises a 9-0 vote. All this will result in the Supreme Court nullifying Biden’s presidency, and ordering a new presidential election.

Just when it appeared that crazy couldn’t get any crazier, it has!