Joker of the Moment

What’s the skunk trump the donald up to these days.? According to a GOP insider, the skunk has studied his failed 06 Jan 2021 insurrection.

And has mended those errors, that should the impossible occur a second time. A second insurrection will not fail.

Such enlightenment comes from retiring Ohio Republican Anthony Gonzales. Who shared his insights on CNN’s, “Trumping Democracy an American Coup.”

A career change is necessary, said Gonzalez, because Congressional Republicans have created such toxic dynamics within the GOP. That it’s no longer the party of honorable republicans.

More in line with the totalitarian Cuban regime that He and his family fled. Saying, “I will not allow that to happen here!”

What’s a puzzle for this political scientist, why hasn’t the skunk trump donald been arrested for the crime of treason.

For example Forbes magazine reported that the skunk, greeted supporters by tweeting, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there will be wild!’

The magazine also reported that within Willard hotel, the skunk had established a war room. With skunk jr, and skunk eric, and former national security advisor, flynn the michael at the helm. All designed to stop the steal, if necessary.

And as we know, it became necessary. The mass protest was not a last minute reaction. It was a well anticipated reaction should voters deny 45 a second term.

Will government complacency allow a repeat of history? Most likely, Yes! Because there aren’t enough, Anthony Gonzalez’s sounding the alarm, “It will not happen again!”