second thoughts

A rabbit being pursued by an eagle was very much in need of help. It happenedĀ  that the the only creature in sight was a beetle, to which the rabbit appealed to for help.

The beetle said, “Take courage!” Seeing the eagle approaching the beetle begged the eagle to spare the rabbit, who had sought his protection. But the eagle despisingĀ  a creature so small, devoured the rabbit before its eyes.

The beetle bore her a grudge for this, and was on the watch to see where she made her nest. Every time she laid eggs. It flew up to her nest. Rolled the eggs out and broke them.

The eagle being in great distress sought the help of Zeus. The eagle begged Zeus to provide her with his own sacred bird, as a safe place to hatch her chicks. Zeus allowed her to lay her eggs in his lap.

But the beetle saw her, so it made a ball of dung. Flying high above Zeus, the eagle dropped it into his lap.

Without stopping to think Zeus got up to shake it off, and tipped out the eggs.

Ever since that time, they say eagles do not nest during the time when beetles are about.

It must be remembered that even the feeblest within society, if wronged often enough will find away for pay back.

Source: Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Despise Not A Feeble Folk”

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