enemies of success pt 36

Many who have labored for the good of others find themselves vilified as the calendar rolls the months into years.

In the previous discussion Job was seen as highly respected person because of his untiring efforts to help others. That was when no one knows with certainty, how many yesterdays had captured his calendar of life. (cp. Job 29:1-25).

Though it could have been his disrespect for the elderly. Some of God’s commandments are everlasting such as honor and respect for ones parents. For it is written, “Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD has given you.” (cp. Exodus 20:12).

There is every reason to suspect revenge had gripped the younger generations for the way Job treated their parents. Job complains, “But now they treat me with contempt, who are younger, and whose fathers I considered unworthy to be put with my sheep dogs. Of what use is the strength of their hands to me? Of what profit are these men to me? Has not ripe ripe age made them unprofitable as employees?”verses 1-2.

“They are diseased from lack of food and shelter. They pluck eatable substances from the trees. They plunk what they can from the bushes. Even the roots of trees are their foods, verses 3-4.

They were driven away by prosperous socialites, and looked upon as thieves. They had to find shelter wherever they could. In unthinkable places by the standards of respected society, verses 5-8.

Then something happened through Divine Providence no doubt. It’s His handy work that makes what goes around come around. Meaning there are consequences for all behaviors!

What follows is Job’s experiences from the echelons prosperous socialites while he was once one of them. But now, Job has gone from riches to rags. Suddenly Job finds himself as being their taunting song. Yes, I am their byword. They abhor me, they keep far from me. They do not hesitate to spit in my face, verses 9-10).

Job has the forth with all to know that the God, who allowed him to become prosperous, has now turned the tables on him. Job puts it in Jobian like terms, “He has loosed my bowstring and afflicted me. All previous restraints by You have been removed. Only the rubble of my past endures. They have made it impossible for me to regain lost wealth. They have become an unstoppable destructive power, verses 11-12.

They break up my path, they promote my calamity. And it appears, that they have no helper. Terror has gripped me. My honor has been chased away as through a strong wind. My prosperity has passed away as a moving cloud. Now my soul is poured out because of my depleted circumstances. The verses 13-15.

The days of afflictions have taken their toll in multiple ways. It’s like a collar cast upon me. I have become like nothing, but more than a pile of ashes, verses 16-19.

In desperation like most, Job call to God, and plays the blame game. “I call to You, but You do not answer. I stand up, and you just gaze at me. You have turned against me and You are cruel. With the might of Your hand you oppose me. It’s like You have lifted me up to the winds making me ride them. You have spoiled my successes. I know that you will cause me to experience death, and then to the house appointed for all living,” verses 20-23.

(Shelo (cp. Luke 19:16-31). Gives a very detailed description of what occurs as the soul and spirit exits the body. A recommended read and study.

“Surely You would not stretch out Your hand against a heap of ruins? When anyone cries out before death is experienced, verse 24.

Job reminds the Almighty, “Have I not wept for them who where in trouble? Has not my soul grieved for the poor? But when I looked for good, evil came to me; and when I waited for light, then came darkness,” verses 25-26.

My heart is in turmoil and cannot rest; days of affliction confront me. I mourn for sunlight. I stand up and cry in the assembly, and cry for help, verses 27-28.

“I am a brother to Jackals, and a companion to ostriches. My skin grows black, and peels from me. My bones are burned with heat. Therefore my harp has turned to mourning, and my pipe of those who weep, verses 29-31.

This discussion was developed from Job 30:1-31, with supporting scriptures. Through critical analytical interpretations.

With this discussion we have seen the two faces of Job. From being helpful to being cruel. Then pleading his case with God by elaborating uponĀ  his goodness while not mentioning his cruelties. Human nature is what it is, complex. Which doesn’t erase our need for redemption, it enhances our need for redemption.

It all starts by following the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek. And if our paths don’t cross in this world, they will in the next.

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