rottenness global scene pt 33

Job chapter twenty four like many others chapters here within its 42 chapters, are dotted with euphemisms. With a euphemism representing something which is not, but could be. From the mundane behaviors of privileged individuals, to the corridors of wickedness within corporate conglomerates, reaching  nation states individually or collectively.

Since times are not hidden from the Almighty. Why do those who know Him seemingly are unable to alter the ways of the wicked through Him? Job 24:1.

Landmarks are altered, and violently the property of others becomes theirs. There is no fairness but surrender is offered as a pledge against infringing hardships. There is no concern for welfare, so everyone try’s to blend in as one. All the property of others serves the interest of the wicked. People are seen as donkeys in the desert seeking food. At best barren fields might yield food for their children.¬†That is so because the food produced is gleamed for the wicked, verses 2-6.

Poverty is their plight. They struggle just to survive. No one is exempt! Cruelty is rampant, as fatherless children are snatched from nursing mothers, verses 7-9.

Intervention by providing kindness is looked down upon. Because their plight is their fault, providing sheaves of any sort is frowned upon. They are forced to make ends meet anyway they can. From among the populous groan. The souls of the wounded cries out, yet God doesn’t react to the barbarian folly they endure, verses 10-12.

There are those who rebel against what the oppressors call light. The oppressors don’t know their ways, and will not be able avert their paths. Nevertheless such murders continue to rise as though they are the light. They succeed through unscrupulous tactics tagged by themselves as light. Job calls them adulterers, who waits for the twilight, saying, “No eye will see me because the truth is disguised, verses 13-15.

Everything these adulterous oppressors do is done in the darkness off deeply dug terrains designed to shut out any light. Because, light is blinding to them. The mornings to them are like thick darkness because they enjoy the terrors of darkness, verses 16-17.

They are like polluted foam on the surface of the water. Their portion is the cursed through out the earth. They don’t know the ways of the watered vineyards. Like the heat consumes the snow waters, so does hell consume those who have sinned, verses 18-19.

Motherhood will forget them. The worms will feed sweetly on them. They will no longer be remembered because unrighteousness will be broken as a tree. For they prey on the barren, who don’t bear, and does not show kindness to the widow, verses 20-21.

But God draws the mighty away with His power; He rises up, but no one is sure of life. He gives them security, and they rely on it; yet His eyes are on their ways, they are exalted for a little while. Then they are gone. They are brought low; they are taken out of the way like all others; they dry out like the heads of grain. Now if it is not so, who will prove me a liar, and make my speech worth nothing? verses 22-25.

This discussion was developed from Job 24:2-25 by critical analytical interpretations. With encouragement to see the texts as a collection of euphemisms. Purposely designed to allow for various applications. This writer applied them to the barbarianisms, of corporate conglomerates, against a non-unionized work force.

Many ways equals many perspectives. This writer encourages oneness with Jesus. One with Christ Jesus? If so, blessings! If not, follow the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek. And if our paths do not cross in this world, they will in the next.

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