universal truths=decision time pt 31

Job ponders, “Who is there, who will shake hands with me? No one! Because You (God) have hidden their hearts from understanding. Therefore, You will not exalt them!”

Job was making reference to the three pompous religionist, who had contributed to making his life miserable. Who exalted themselves, as the ones who understood everything, but Job knew, that they apprehended nothing.

There is a spiritual application to the aforementioned. And everyone should know about its possible applicability. But it seems to be available only to well spirituality conditioned people like Job. Its recorded, in, Job 17:3-5, “Now put down a pledge for me with Yourself.”

“Who is he, who will shake hands with me? For You have hidden their their hearts from understanding. Ultimately those who speak false innuendos publicly against me will fail. With the consequences of their behaviors reaching their children. So that even their children will suffer unfortunate consequences.”

Yesterday, Job 22:1-5 was discussed. This discussion will focus upon other universal spiritual principles that will measure appropriate consequences. Continuing now from, Job 22:6-21.

Do not take unfair advantages of others. Don’t think that societal privileged status grants any exemptions. Know that people of spiritual honor would not act in such a way. The dishonorable have no regardĀ  for widows. Because the children are fatherless, you have broken their arms.

The aforementioned are groups of euphemisms signifying violations of godly universal laws, verses 6-9.

Consequently, such people are troubled by unreasonable fears. To the extent that the worse of everything is imagined like the flood waters of certain death, verses 10-11.

Suddenly the author was inspired to recall (cp. 2 Timothy 3:16-17). But it’s put this way, “Isn’t God in the heights of heaven? See the height of the stars, how high they are! He dwells beyond them. Yet nothing escapes Him.

But the breakers of His universal laws, each in their own ways mock Him. “What does God know? Can He judge through the thick darkness? Thick clouds are a covering, so that He doesn’t see, verses 12-14.

Then the great God accused of not seeing roars with anger, “Will you continue to keep the old ways which wicked universal law breakers have trodden since the fall of Adam? verse 15.

Jesus who spoke through Mark, who presents Him as the suffering servant concerning the universal laws. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. That is the first universal law. The second is like this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself! No other laws superseded these universal laws.” (cp Mark 12:30-31). If the world community of people would adapt those laws, life would be an utopian experience.

Premature death might well be one of the major causes of death; among the most egregious violations, of His universal laws. For it is divinely written, “You are snatch away before your time, and your foundation will be poured out as a stream.” Because you favored this attitude, “Depart from us, for what can the Almighty do to us,” verses 16-17.

Yet He allowed their houses to be filled with sights of prosperity. But, it makes no impressions upon the righteous. Assured that their counsel has nothing to offer. The righteous through the Almighty see it, and are glad. But the bystanders ridicule the righteous. But in the end, the righteous know that the fire will consume their remnant, verses 18-20.

This discussion was developed from, Job 22:6-20, with the use of supportive scriptures through critical analytical interpretation.

Life works best with this attitudinized focus, “As the deer pants for water brooks, so pants my soul for You O God.” (cp. Psalms 42:1). It starts by following the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek. And if our paths don’t cross in this world, they will in the next.

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