when the storms come the son shines pt 25

We do not know the human author for the contents of the Biblical book of Job. As far as it is known, Job as having had a human existence is doubtful.

Divine Providence created Job as a fictitious character. To best exemplify the contents of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which reads, “All scripture is given by by inspiration of God, (meaning God breathed, who directed His breath in and through those who penned the scriptures) and is profitable for learning, scoldings, corrections, and for instruction in righteousness (right living). So that everyone may be able to cope with what life offers, whether trivial or of overwhelming circumstances.

This discussion also features another fictitious character. Bildad to enumerate the consequences of lives lived outside the dictates of their Creator God Almighty.

And of course his tirade is directed at Job, but its just as appropriated for anyone, and with certainty reaching us today.

Bildad starts out by taking issue with Job, as to how he has characterized himself and his two associates. Who are picturesque of the religious hierarchy of their time, and also reaching us today. Religionist who present themselves as knowing everything but really know very little. (cp. Job 18:1-4).

But Bildad hit the following correctly, and everyone should take heed. “Yes, the light of the wicked will be put out. The spark of their fire will be put to shame. Outward appearances mean nothing because his tent is filled with unhappiness.”

The steps of their strength will be shortened prematurely through ageing. Their intellectual processing will fail them resulting in poor judgment. It will be like their feet are caught in a net. Causing them to stumble aimlessly. They will be trapped in irreversible confusion as time passes.

Their physical strength will be diminished prematurely. Perhaps once highly respected, but now completely¬† disrespected. Those who take their place of grand stature will be astonished. Because formerly their contemporaries were frightened by them. Someone coined this phrase, “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Surely, such are some of the pitfalls of those, who do not take the teachings of God Almighty from a very serious perspective! Lord, Christ Jesus!

This discussion was developed from, Job 18:1-21, through critical analytical interpretation.

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