when life is screwed up what is next pt 23

Job finds himself repeatedly attached by the religious hierarchy. Barking at him that his flight from riches to rags was of his own doings.

Counseling  him that a return to riches will be forth coming, although it will occur slowly, based upon his recognition of his sins. Telling Job God is merciful, when His mercy is sought.

One can not wonder as to their true motive in this entrepreneur’s economic collapse? Was it because Job was large contributor to their cozy life styles?

It doesn’t matter because Job wasn’t buying into their nonsense. Saying, “I’ve heard enough your rubbish. The three of you have turned out to be miserable counselors!

What provokes you to keep coming after me? I wouldn’t speak as you do. Even if your life experiences were similar to mine. Though I could join words against you, and shake my head at you. The end result would be strength from my mouth. The solace of my lips would relieve you.”

From previous discussions we learned that not only did Job’s prosperous business empire collapse not because of poor management, but rather by a demonically inspired force controlled by Satan. Which extended itself to the murder of his three daughters and seven sons.

Here’s the spiritual lesson to be learned. It’s not a mythological occurrence of science fiction. But rather it’s a revelation from God Almighty, that such scenario’s have occurred with centuries of history that are reaching us today!

And it not only plaque’s the most ungodly of people, but those new creations in Christ Jesus by virtue of His life, death, resurrection and ascension to be seated at the right hand of God the Father. The wise will take all this very seriously, and the foolish will laugh and mock such declarations.

Perhaps Job’s expressions of sorrow and frustration are meant to be picturesque for us today. For he says,”My grief has not subsided even though I forbear. Oh! God You have completely worn me out. Now I am a very desolate person. I need you, but You are not available to help me, why?”

“I have suffered Your wrath and Your persecutions. You have torn me apart like the gnashing teeth of madness. All my adversaries see me as vulnerable and thus at their mercy.”

“You have delivered me to the ungodly, and have cast me into the hands of the wicked. Once I was wealthy, but now my spirit is broken. Yes! You have broken my neck, and have dashed me to pieces.

I have become your target, and your archers surround me.

Nevertheless, “Even now!” and ‘Behold my witness is in heaven. He who vouches for me is on high!'”

This discussion was developed from Job 16:1-22 through critical analytical interpretation.

Job despite his misfortunes and having a sense that his life was about to end, said, “I will got to the way of no return,” yet he had the assurance that the one who is in heaven would vouch for him.

Many of us today have that same confidence while many others do not.¬† So if you are without such confidence. Find it through the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek. And if our paths don’t cross in this world, they will in the next world.

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