revolving rendezvous pt 19

Job is tired of being brow beaten by those whom he thought were his friends, the last of them being Zophar. So now Job turns to chastising Zophar, and no doubt it was also meant for Eliphaz and Bildad.

“Stop berating me Zophar, I’ve had enough, and you can’t say anything that I have not heard over and over again and again!” After all, “I am in no way inferior to you intellectually or spiritually!”

“If I thought that there were any merit in the tirades against me, I would petition the Almighty and try to reason with Him. But you, and the others are forgers of the truth. All of you are far less than you realize, and who have no value to me. Show your intelligence by being silent!”

Make no mistake about what I’m about to say. “Will you continue speak deceitfully to God about me? He will search for you, and expose you for what you are betrayers of me with the intent to deceive Him. He will surely chastise you because you show partiality to deceit! His majesty will make you afraid because His anger will fall upon you! Your memorable sayings are proverbs of ashes. Any defense you offer will be defenses like clay!”

“Be silent! Leave me alone for what will be will be. The greatest error that I could make is to but my welfare in your hands! Should He take my life, then I will have no hope. Until then, I will live my life as it is before Him! This will be my salvation, that godless people cannot expect His help!”

Listen carefully to what I have to say. Let it ring clearly in your ears. “I know that the Almighty sees me favorably because I am righteous. Will any of you now contend with me? If so, then I will give up my spirit.”

“Avoid to doing two of the following to me. If you do that then I will stop avoiding you. Withdraw your abusive tongues, and stop using your tongues to terrorize me! Thinking that it’ll make me afraid!”

“Then you can confront me, and I will answer you. Or let me speak, and then you can answer me. Take the lead and number my errors and sins. Show me my avenues of disobedience to Him, and how that disobedience was sinful.”

“Why are you avoiding me. and why do you consider me your enemy? Will you harass a leaf driven by the wind that becomes dry stubble? You write hatefully about me, as though you don’t like me. You don’t have to go any further, for I know that I am like a garment that is moth eaten.”

This discussion was developed from Job 13:1-28 through analytical interpretation or exegesis.

Life has it ups and downs, and sometimes friends come and go, and then return through a process of mutual reconciliation.

The aforementioned discussion could be seen as being picturesque of us, as we move through life’s hazardous road ways. Being argumentative with friends as to what behaviors are lets say moral or immoral.

But what barometer can be used to make such conclusions. Job argues it is God, and Job felt confident that God would see him as being righteous concerning his lifestyle. And if not then he would welcome death.

Pretty bold statement for Job to make, nevertheless everyone can make such a statement but its conditional upon being one with Christ. So if you are not one with Christ, follow the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek. And if our paths don’t cross in this world, they will in the next.

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