Monster of the Sea-Pt 7

Job somehow managed to maintain his spiritual integrity. Despite sternly, and being exceedingly vocal, as he cursed the day of his birth.

But, having the serenity of composure realizes the culprit of all of his agonies, Leviathan!

Faulting other evil spiritual agents of darkness, who are eager to rally around the kingpin of evil Leviathan! Wishing all them darkness never again to see the light of their evils. Meaning an absences of any awareness of Job’s loss of his business empire, death of  employees and his ten children. And his own failing physical health, that brought Job to the very edge of spiritual and mental composure.

Mocking them for not being able sabotage his birth. And even after his birth, those glutton’s of evil could not interfere with his spiritual or physical growth.

All would have ended for me just like Leviathan and  entourage silenced many other’s, who became their fallen prey. Becoming highly despised provocateur’s of this earth. Meaning those before the Hitler’s, Lenin’s, Stalin’s. and the Trumps of this world.

Reaching us today with their totalitarian instincts, intended to enrich themselves with wealth. While enhancing God denying realities. Ending sometime in the unknown future, when the man of sin takes center stage. Reeking such unknown havoc that God Himself must interfere, or all of humanity would perish.

You Leviathan couldn’t bring about my stillborn death. Like so many other’s destined to live lives of spiritual integrity for the betterment of God’s created planet. You Leviathan, are the god of this world, but your doom is certain, along with your horde of admirers non-human and human. Who work to deny God’s intended purposes for all people everywhere. A scriptural interpretation from Job 3:8-16. Redemption!

They go to a place created for the wicked where they’ll be conscious, but will cease from being troublesome. Death brings about a ceasing of evil. Foe and friend are at rest there together. They do not hear the voice of their oppressor, Leviathan. The small and great are there, but the servant is free from their master. A scriptural interpretation from Job 3:17-19.

Job wonders why is understanding given to me, who is in misery? Who longed for death, along with others, but death would not come! Who finally esteemed death, more than his previous prosperity, as likely  is, and will be the attitude of others in similar circumstances.

Concluding the day will come, when he finally finds his grave. But before that occurs, he wonders, why is life a hidden journey designed by God? Trapped by that awareness from morning onward during the course of the day. Declaring misery is mine, all day, much like the poring out of water.

For Job it wasn’t a surprise, because it was something he feared. Now here it is, his reality, and no end is in sight that might ease his misery, so Job says. Adamant over the reality that there is no relief, for trouble keeps coming.

This discussion was developed through a scriptural interpretation of Job 3:20-26.

It’s all about redemption. Not redeemed, so you can become one of us. It happens this way during the age of grace. Follow the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. And then notice versed 11-13, all of which creates the universality that so many seek. And if our paths don’t cross in this world. They will in the next.

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