on the world stage Leviathan pt 5

Job saddened by all that had occurred. A prosperous business destroyed, employees killed, a horrific storm causes the death of his ten children. Satan not through with him causes sores to appear upon his body. Driving Job to curse the day of his birth expressing devastating expressions for its obliteration from the consciousness of history.

All the above occurred because of a satanic challenges Satan argued before God. Job is faithful and worships you because you have made him wealthy. Stop protecting him and he’ll curse You to your face. Okay Satan, do him as you please. But with this exception. Do not lay a hand on him! That failed to get Job to curse God As we learned from a previous discussion Job praised and worships God.

That resulted in Satan given authority over Job’s body. With one exception Satan could not kill Job. And we know Job suffered to the extent that he wished that he had never been born. And we learned, Job final word on the matter was this expression. “Blessed be the name of the LORD!”

Suddenly Job seems to collect his equilibrium and focuses on the source of his troubles, Leviathan. Isaiah refers to Leviathan as a fleeing serpent. A reptile that lives in the sea. (cp. Isaiah 27:1).

Leviathan seems to be  sea creature of mysterious origins. Is there any association between Leviathan and Satan? Or are they one and the same?

This Padre sides with the notion that they are one and the same. Isaiah calls Leviathan a fleeing serpent. When the world was perfect, as were its only two inhabitants. Leviathan confronted those two people as a shape shifting reptile. Shape shifting because  this serpent could talk and reason. Shaping shifting because Leviathan could live in the oceans of the world, as well, as on land.

And what role does Leviathan play today, in the affairs of individuals and the global community? And could COVID-19 be of Leviathan’s shenanigans?

The intent of these discussions is to encourage  readers to exam life’s troubles from a coordinated attack of a shape shifting creature of the sea and land. And remember, his deceitful attacks can appear as wholesome. Paul wrote, “And no wonder, because Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light!” (cp. 2 Corinthians 11:14).

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