not the stuff of science fiction pt 4

From previous discussions we learned that Job was a prosperous business person. Living the good life and a happy father of ten children. But humanities arch enemy Satan while here, and canvassing the earth. It took notice of Job, and we don’t know what thoughts he held concerning Job.

But on a particular day most likely without invitation, it joined God’s council meeting with His trusted compatriots.

God spotted him, and asked, what do you think concerning Job my faithful follower? Satan replied, “Not impressed because Job is only faithful to you because you protect him, and see to it that he prospers.” So God replied, “He’s yours, do as you please, but don’t hurt him physically.

Immediately Satan, exited itself from God’s presences and attack Job. Ruining Job’s corporate empire, killing many of his employees, including his ten children

And, the outcome to Satan’s embarrassment must have infuriated him. Adding fury to his embarrassment was that Job bowed and worshiped God, and in no way faulted God for his losses.

Then the scenario repeats itself. This time Satan was told do as you please, but don’t kill him. Faster than a speeding bullet, Satan return to earth, and inflicted Job with torturous sores on his body.

Three of his closest friends came to comfort him. But seeing his grief, pain and suffering said nothing. Thinking that perhaps their presences might be source of comfort.

Scriptures used  to develop this discussion, Job chapters one and two.

Ever feel so distraught that your very existence haunts you? Well that’s how Job felt. Here Job verbalizes his feelings and  frustrations.

With defeated screams to the heavens cursing the very day of his birth. Yelling, “Let the day perish on which I was born, and the night in which it was said, a male child is born! Let that day be darkness! May God not value it, or give any significance to that day! May it be seen as a day of darkness! Let the shadow of death claim it for itself! Let a cloud cover it, and what makes the day dark terrify it! As for that night may darkness seize it; may it not ever be numbered as a time for rejoicing during the calendar year! Oh, that night might have been barren, so that no joyful shout resulted from it!” (cp. Job 3:1-7).

Hardships turning into grief captures all of us one way or another sometime during our lives, as it did Job.

Job was a person who had a personal relationship with God. And God favored Job, and told Satan that there was no one on the face of this earth like Job.

Through it all Job never blamed God for the hand of hardships and grief he experienced. He just mourned the day of his birth.

That’s the spiritual stamina we all need at various times during our lifetimes. It all starts by being a part of His family.

Not one of us? Join our Christ family by following the prompts found in Romans 10:9-10. Then notice verses 11-13, all of which creates the universality so many seek.

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