an unseen force makes the difference

Ever wonder what draws people to purposely overturn the apple cart being the status quo? When they could easily live a life of supposedly comfort, success and be admired by the combined hierarchy of their times.

One such person was, John Wycliffe, who was an English scholastic philosopher, biblical enthusiast and a seminary priest at the prestigious University of Oxford.

Instead Wycliffe became an influential dissident priest within the Roman Catholic church during the 14th century. And became an admired inspirational predecessor to many church reformers like Martin Luther, Jan Hus and scores of others reaching us today.

It’s reported that he died from a stroke, 31 December 1384. More fortunate than many of his constituents, who were burned alive tied to a metal pole. And in some instances it’s reported that the flames were controlled so as to extend the torturous death.

Why the risk? Perhaps it’s this fortuitous prayer that made the difference between themselves, and many who go the way of the status quo. Some are able to tap into a spiritual force unknown to most. Producing astounding results for the betterment of the then now and deep into the future.

Make the following your earnest Prayer: May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation through the knowledge of Him. That the eyes of my understanding may be enlightened to know what is the purpose of His calling. Through the riches of His glory in His inheritance of the saints. Amen. (cp. Ephesians 1:17-18).

That’s the Christ way to make His enemies His footstool. One of the great lessons that must be learned, understood and applied. If America, is to be saved from itself! (cp. Matthew 22:41-44).

American survival will only occur, if verse 44, is forcibly applied spiritually. It has nothing to do with mundane affairs. But everything to do with Christ, making mundane affairs His footstool.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of organized secular Americans through out our communities. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape.

Exercise your prerogatives through the vast repertoire of interests to be explored. Through the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

Scheduling can be accomplished through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather. Private consultations are also available by issue or topic.

CfS is a church without walls, and therefore, without membership.