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“Our confidence in Christ does not make us lazy, negligent¬† or careless, but on the contrary it awakens us, urges on, and makes us active in living righteous lives and doing good,” Ulrich Zwingli.

That’s a good thing because trumpism has swept the country. And if not reversed, America, will become a nation of nothingness.

If you take the time to study church history, it’s doubtful if Zwingli’s admonitions swept the globe, including America in any meaningful way. Of course there were pockets of such spirituality, but that’s much different from the Christianity of religion. Which populates most of western societies of Europe and reaching, the United States.

Churches are in great number hooting and hollering His praises in accordance with their respective idioms. And most congregants, leave those sacred palaces in ignorance of Zwingli’s perceived lifestyles.

And it’s not unusual to see governments at all levels everywhere opening their parliaments by invoking the stewardship and blessings from the Almighty.

Something is seriously wrong by virtue that the world is becoming less like Zwingli’s world vision.

Ulrich Zwingle was a 16th century protestant church reformer. He hailed from Zurich, Switzerland, a country dominated by the Catholic church. A country that made it unlawful to adhere to doctrines not authorized by the Catholic church. To do so was to commit the crime of heresy which was punishable by death.

A neighboring pastor was burned while alive to death for the crime of heresy. That crime infuriated Zwingle and he called for war to avenge his death. But, war was temporarily avoided by an mutually agreed upon peace treaty between Catholics and Protestants. Each city was given the authority to decide which religion would be lawful to be practiced in their city.

Zwingle opposed the treaty. He argued for the free preaching of the gospel and freedom of conscience through out all of Switzerland unabridged. He wrote, “Let us be firm, and fear not to take up arms. We thirst for no man’s blood, but we shall clip the wings the oligarchy,” Ulrich Zwingle.

“A single individual must not take it into his head to dethrone a tyrant. This would be a revolt, and the kingdom of God commands peace, righteousness and joy. But if a whole people with common accord, or if the majority at least reject him without committing violence, it is God Himself that acts,” Ulrich Zwingle.

War eventually commenced and Ulrich Zwingle lost his life on the battlefield. Zwingle was bending done to console a dying soldier, when he was struck in the head. Four times he tried to rise and four times he was wounded again. “What matters this misfortune?” He murmured, as he lay dying under a pear tree, “They can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul.”

With the battle won, some Catholics roamed the battlefield torturing the wounded to force them to call for help from the saints. By this time Zwingli was unable to speak, but he shook his head refusing to confess to a priest. One captain finally recognized him, and jabbed him through the throat with the cry, “Die obstinate heretic!”

The Catholics later held a mock trial for heresy, and found him guilty of treason. They quartered his body and burnt his body parts with soaring flames. Source material: History of the Reformation, Jean Henri Merle d’Aubigne.

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