b careful what u study

An aged, and respected professor at Paris University, Jacques Lefevre, in France. Was a devout papist, who had been studying ancient literature. His research centered around what historians had written about church saints. Lefevre wanted to write a book that would serve as an introduction on the subject for his students.

Eventually his research caused him to consult the Bible as a reliable source on sainthood. Seemed like a reasonable source for information on the subject. Especially since Lefevre was an enthusiastic admirer of such people. Especially those who lost their lives as martyrs for what they believed.

Studying the Bible can become a dangerous study because the Bible isn’t an ordinary book. It has a way of drawing the researcher into discoveries never contemplated. Causing them to become advocates of scriptural matters, that they once had held as an abhorrence. Lefevre ended up teaching his students all about his admiration for scriptural truths.

For example Lefevre taught, “It is God, who gives us by faith, righteousness. And, grace alone justifies to eternal life.”

Lefevre, dwelt upon what he considered to be the mysteries of redemption. Exhorting enthusiastically, “Oh, the unspesakable greatness of that exchange. The Sinless One is condemned, and they who are guilty go free; the Blessing bears the curse, and the cursed is brought into blessing; the Life dies, and the dead live; the glory is whelmed in darkness, and they who knew nothing but confusion of face are clothed with glory.”

And while teaching that the glory of salvation belongs solely to God, Lefevre taught, it’s the duty of obedience that belongs to the redeemed. “If you are a member of Christ’s family,” then, “you are a member of His body, then you are full of His divine nature.

Oh, Lefevre exclaimed, “that if people could fully understand such a privilege, how pure, chaste, and holy would they live, and how contemptible, when compared with the glory within them, that such glory which the eye of flesh cannot see, then would they deem all the glory of this world.”

Source material from The Great Controversy: Allen G. White, pages 147-148.

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