unrestrained pathways

“We are facing a different kind of American storm, an ideological storm empowered by hell, and intent on redefining, who we are as a nation.

Our internal divisions are increasingly fed and inflamed by foreign governments, such as the EU, globalists and China. Under the clever disguise of noble sounding causes, well funded activist organizations, who spread confusion, and fed societal fragmentation as they lay siege to our minds, our cities and our nation’s soul.

They will not stop until all the political and judicial powers are in their hands. For more reasons than COVID, the nation is  dealing with an invisible enemy. If we do nothing to stop this demonic turbulence, it will actually increase and intensify.

When it comes to spiritual welfare, the  battle is never against flesh and blood, but against unseen principalities that occupy heavenly places,” Lance Wallnau.

The first paragraph says it all. People like Wallnau are putting America upon the path of self annihilation with their baseless claims of voter fraud. So far trump, has filled 33 lawsuits in the nations federal courts. With all of them being dismissed because they could not provide any evidence to support their allegations. With the trump legal admitting that fact!

The trump legal team at trump’s directives practice the schemes of deception, manipulation and intimidation. It works within the general public because they don’t have to prove their declarations.

What’s up many are asking? Trump and his allies can fed the public lies! But in court they can’t lie, because to do so is a crime punishable be federal statutes.

So Wallnau, and other evangelical fundamentalist believe the trump rhetoric as sacred, and judicial verdicts as elements of satanic influence. And, they will continue to align themselves with trump, and do as he directs. And there rests the challenge, because its unknown how far trump will go to remain president.

The future of America is in the hands a psychotic president, who because of his illness is not capable of rational thinking. Trump lives in a world that can’t evaluate consequences beyond his self interests.

And, his self interests is to avoid returning to civilian life. Because he knows, that in state court he’s likely to convicted of multiple crimes.

So hold on neighbors, because the future could really be bumpy!

What’s tragic about all this is that trump has managed to capture the good Christianity by turning it into an evil. An easy target for trump because Christianity had already been compromised. Through unending doctrinal wars among the brethren. To the point of church attendance declining. Forcing such institution to close their doors. So the church, and trump found each other, and together they plan to make the irrelevant relevant. A sad occurrence for Christendom and democracy.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of organized secular groups within our communities. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape.

Exercise your prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interests to be explored. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors issues usually avoided.

Scheduling can be accomplished through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums were people can gather. Private consultations are also available by issue or topic. Through the various mediums of your choice.

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