how American democracy ends

A discussion featuring fascist donald j trump, republicans and supporters. Jason Stanley in his 155 page book, “How Fascism Works:The Politics of Us and Them.” Defined fascist as follows, “Fascist politics target people who hold ideological interests that are in opposition to their ideologies. There is no restraint when combating these differences!”

“It’s not over!” As masses of trump supporters flock to state capitals yelling the trump slogan and carrying signs, “Stop the Steal!” That’s the first step for trump like fascism. For now, its the peaceful protest about alleged election fraud. While simultaneously trumps legal surrogates petition the courts charging election fraud.

In the meantime trump will continue with his fascist rhetoric of misinformation which will ultimately turn violent. The ultimate goal is to collapse the Biden administration. Setting the stage for trump to recapture the presidency as a result of inciting violence.

Get along with everyone, Joe will capitulate to the over throw of his government. Saying something like, we’ll put forth another presidential challenge in four years. Arguing the Biden way of artful capitulation is better than violence. Biden is an artist at political surrender exemplified as to how, Clearance Thomas, was elevated to the Supreme Court.

This writer watched and listen with aghast as Biden spoke to the nation concerning his vision for America saying, “I will be the President of everyone. Those who voted against me and for me.

The grand old republican party is becoming extinct! It’s death will be certain, as more and more senators and representatives side with trump as 45 campaigns to ousts Biden.

For this writer, modern day republican appeal to voters has been difficult to understand. Because, it is the party exclusiveness of basic human rights. In favor of corporate conglomerates and the extremely wealthy. Combined their roles echo fascism.

Average hard laboring people are to them commodities to be used, and when worn out discarded. That’s why social security, universal health care from birth to the grave, livable wages are an enigma to them, along with the unionization by federal law, so that the work force has a place at the table to negotiate employee rights and benefits, with the right to strike by law, when impasses occur.

None of that is in the Biden play book. The only cooperation that will occur, is legislation that maintains the status quo or advances the interests of corporate conglomerates and the wealthy.

Sen. Mitch McConnell knows how to seduce Biden to see things his way. That’s his craft and skill. Get along Joe will be suckered again and again. And it’s, we the people who will pay the consequences of his repeated blunders.

All that is guaranteed because the party of trump isn’t going to get on his bad side. Trump isn’t going away, even if he accepts his firing by vacating the White House. He’ll have a post presidency like no other post presidential history. Meaning people running in the trump party for elected office will need his endorsement.

It’s assumed that trump hopes that through his legal maneuvering that a way will prevail to get his cause heard by the Supreme Court. Because four sitting justices there were involved in various ways in the Bush -v- Gore dispute. Those justices are, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice, Clearance Thomas, Justice Bret Kavanaugh and Justice Amy Coney Barett. And if that occurs, expect the court to rule in favor of trump. Spelling good bye Biden/Harris!

The only hope for the survival of democracy is that Vice President Harris, along with Senators Sanders, Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, can persuade Biden that saving America is not about being best pals with McConnell and his entourage of political fascism.

It’s about legislating ways and means for economic and social survival of his base. With gutsy energy that brings many of the trump base into the progressive tent.

It’s an absolute must that democrats take control of the Senate. As of now, Republicans hold a two senator advantage. But, both senatorial seats in Georgia are still available. Because the candidates didn’t earn a majority vote under Georgia law. So there will be what is called a runoff election. The democratic candidates must win both senatorial seats. Resulting in the both parties having an equal number so senators. So that, V.P. Harris gets the tie breaking vote.

Then democrats will have control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Eliminating any need to negotiate democratic legislation.

That represents the last chance to preserve democracy and escape trumpian fascism.

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