foolish joe biden

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people,” Sir Isaac Newton.  Newton must have had the ability to see into the distant future. And if so, what did he see? The surrender of the Republican party to trump. The epicenter of madness. And now, they have to rebuild what trump ruined.

The Republican party for a very long time was the party with fascist leanings, that’s why it was easy for them to surrender their party to trump. The perfect fascist. Here is a well defined definition for fascism. “Fascist politics target people, who hold ideological interests that are in opposition to their ideologies. There are no restraints when combating these differences,” Jason Stanley.

Such attitudinal expressions constantly erupted through trump’s hate rhetoric via the use of his various platforms. And continues, as trump challenges the election results.

Pay attention to his rants, threats and actions. And you’ll, see that definition play out. There is no way that trump will accept defeat. Even if he exits the White House in what appears to be a peaceful transition of power. He’ll continue to promote fascist rhetoric by stirring up his supporters. With the means to an end a civil war. From which he’ll return to the White House. He’s already got a formidable army 50% of the American population. Plus countless number of foreign insurgents, who will enter the country on his behalf.

Now foolish Joe wants to include them as a part of his administration. Mistake! Hopefully, Vice President Kamala Harris will be able educate him to see the folly of his ways. It’s time to build Democratic party in the image of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Immediately, the cry will be socialism! Well, raising the federal minimum to $15.00 an hour is about fairness. Along with a few other necessary reforms. Like raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for social programs to benefit Americans. Eliminate tax breaks for “off shoring” corporate income taxes. Citizenship for Dreamers (DACA). Eliminate the Electoral College, the election should be determined by the national vote. Reenter the Pairs Accord Agreement, Affordable Housing, Free college, eliminate student debt. National health insurance for everyone through medicare. Paid for by corporate conglomerates. By federal law national unionization for working Americans within the company hierarchy that workers make very rich.

Don’t allow the beholders of fascism to deny your American right to equality! Gain some insights concerning fascism by reading, How Fascism Works:The Politics of Us and Them, Jason Stanley.

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