character trump supporters

“Most people are other people. There thoughts are someone eles’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation,” Oscar Wilde.

Trump presents himself as an excellent study of a psychotic. Meaning he lives in a world of make believe where grandeur of magnificence is the normal. Examples how he perceives COVID-19. Statements like it’ll go away. It’s nothing to worry about. Calling scientist idiots. Seeing woman as his toys to be played with. Proof more than a dozen woman have accused Trump of sexual improprieties. Some accusing him of the crime of rape.

Trump sees successful governing as a process, where everyone capitulates nationally and internationally to his perceptions. Trump’s temper tantrums, could at any time, spin the United States into a crisis of undetermined consequences Because, that is the danger Trump presents as being mentally ill!

Somehow in varied ways Trump supporters are themselves people of grandiose thinking and behavior.

There is still time to vote. So if you are waiting for the polls to open so you can vote. Reconsider before voting for Trump. Many like myself, who didn’t vote for Biden. We voted against Trump!

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