Ahole trump -v- Brain dead Biden

Frankly, I don’t think Biden is fit to be president. Biden lacks the cognitive mental skills necessary for the job. That’s why his political advisers keep him caged in his basement. Nevertheless, he’s a better choice than Ahole trump! And, I think he knows it. He’s desperate to gain the presidency. Every run for it has failed. This is his last chance. So, it’s safe to put him in the oval office as a figure head.

V.P. Kamala Harris will be the brains making his presidency successful. She’ll work hard at it because she knows Biden will be fortunate to complete his term in office. And hurrah, we’ll have our first female president!

America needs a serious make over. Fortunate for her, she has Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will help reshape America. First by saving our democracy from Ahole trump and colleagues like, Sen. Lindsey Graham. Along with his fundamentalist evangelical religious co-conspirators. Aided by QAman!

They will present a formidable challenge because Ahole trump will lead the way in oppressing the vote. Cheating along the way anyway he can. And Ahole trump will most likely refuse to leave office after his defeat. Crating a constitutional crisis and perhaps a civil war. Scary!

So if you want a place at the table determining far wages, retirement and health guarantees. Citizenship for the dreamers, and more. And acceptance of people, for who they are, and not what a minority thinks they should be. And putting an end to Wall Street making sure corporate conglomerates get richer while those who contribute to their richness become poorer. With a whole redesigning of the banking industry designed to keep working people poor. Making sure the undeserving enjoy their brutality.

So, Campaign, get out the vote, and vote creating a Biden/Harris victory landslide!

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