skunk trump

Trumpian is a disease possessing the Donald who thinks that he’s the greatest. So great that he thinks his face should join the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln¬† on Mount Rushmore.

While his claim to fame is that of his failed management of COVID-19, that has killed many Americans unnecessarily.

Indeed he deserves remembrance like that of, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States. Who after the war was imprisoned for two years, and who was indicted for treason.

For now, Public Health experts in the United States fear that Trump will role out his own vaccine. Before its fully tested as a safe vaccine. Because his buddy, President Putin,  has announced that his country has produced the worlds first safe coronavirus.

I’m no Biden supporter, but he’s a better choice than Trump. As far as, Sen. Harris is concerned she’s questionable for now. But she is a better choice than Pence.

Sen. Harris might be the nations future. It all depends where she stands on all the issues concerning working people and not Wall Street and their corporate conglomerates. With an emphasis on the way the banking industry robs the banking public.

I’ll be paying close attention to the Democratic virtual convention to night.