Y trump must b trashed.

“While injustice is the worst of sins, despair is the most dangerous. Because when a person is in despair they can neither care about themselve, nor about others,” Thomas Aquinas.

Can’t escape injustice in America because Wall Street through the banking system and corporate conglomerates, have defined justice through their well defined lens of more for us and less for you! For most there is nothing left but despair.

Injustice combined with despair equals hopelessness and that’s what the capitalism wants from the American public.

And, as soon as they sense the slightest opposition. They operate with lightning force with one single expression, socialists!

F. Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson each in their own ways birthed American socialism. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the unionized work place and more. All of those programs represented the lifeline for equal unbiased economic, health and fairness in the work place.

For the most part the unionized workplace has been so marginalized that its not much of a threat to them.

Trump, as their flunky though executive order allows employers to withhold payroll taxes. And Trump has promised if reelected, he’ll make that executive order permanent. That means Social Security and Medicare will disappear. As will Medicaid a program provided by the states.

Recommended reading: “Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking Of America: A Recent History,” Kurt Andersen.

There is only one solution trash Trump in November. Campaign for and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

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