the answer Susan Rice

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half have nothing to say and keep on saying it,” Robert Frost.

Half the world has something to say and can’t. Because of the way the country elects a president. Which is through an intentional rigged system called the Electoral College. Denying millions of voters the candidate of their choice by majority vote. While the Electoral College cancels their votes and allows a president to be elected by vote of 270 out of 538 electors. Think about that 270 people end up deciding the presidency. Such a scheme is not democratic!

The other half having nothing to say but keep on saying it are, Donald Trump, and his challenger, Joe Biden.

Anything would be better than a second term of Trump. Biden for many reason will most likely be a one term president. So his selection for vice president is crucial.

Hopefully it’ll be Susan Rice, who severed in the Bush administration, as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Then as United States National Security Adviser in the Obama administration. There she also created the pandemic preparedness office. That Trump stupidly closed. And, how the nations has suffered! Trump deserves to be thrown out of office for that reason alone.

She also served in the Clinton administration. She has appeal to both Democrats and Republicans. Because she had successfully engaged them in some of histories most crucial matters. Ms. Rice also had earned the respect of foreign governments. Her resume also suggests she’d have appeal to younger voters as well.

Clearly demonstrating an ability to function in the Biden administration, as Biden served in the Obama administration. In addition she has all the capabilities to govern the nation, as President, should Biden because of age fail to complete his presidency.

In the meantime she’s the ideal candidate to heal America. Meaning she’d be welcomed by most republicans, democrats and independents. In politics earning respect is diplomatic art. Equally, and maybe more important would be her appeal to young people. The nations future!

That’s how we the people, who have something to say will this time be heard. That’s if we turn out the vote. Encourage your neighbors!

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