trump a presidential disgrace

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and man to pig, and from pig to man again. But it was impossible to say which was which,” George Orwell.

Orwell, an insightful forecaster of future occurrences must have saw we the the electorate as the creatures. Trying to determine what the likes of a Donald J. Trump represents. Concluding that Trump doesn’t represent anything that is American.

Trump lives in his own private distorted world of conspiracy theories that everyone is out to get him.

Hinting when being interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, 19 July 2020. That if he should lose his bid for a second term. That he might not recognize the election results of we the people.

Why? Because the election was rigged against him through absentee ballot voting.

He was defeated by, Hillary Clinton, in 2016, who captured the majority vote from the electorate. But Trump, was awarded the presidency through the Electoral College. Which only requires a majority vote 270 votes out of 538 electors.

The Electoral College was created as an epistemic discrimination ploy. Because the heralded founding father’s, whom we now know were not deserving of such lofty recognition. They thought that general public was intellectually unqualified to determine a candidates total fitness for the office of the presidency.

Trump’s admiration of totalitarian despots should be of concern to all Americans. His resent invasion by sending federal agents into the states of Oregon and Washington by force, and not by by state invitation. That should sound the alarm that American democracy is threatened, as long as Trump holds the presidency.

The Donald often exalts himself as the governments sole authority. Excluding Congress, and the federal courts which according to the Donald hinder his ability to govern. If such assertions aren’t scary by public opinion, then American democracy is in real danger. All Americans should know, and appreciate the soundness of three equal branches of government. With each serving as check on the powers of other two branches, so as to avoid totalitarian governance. Giving credence to the adage, “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”

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