history falsehoods -v- truths

Do historians record events with a particular prejudice? Determined to give events a slant favored by one or more special interest groups? Of course they do, and it’s why history is calculated from a prejudicial perspective.

For instance Chinese historians are most likely going to conclude that COVID 19, as a global pandemic originated in China through American intelligence operatives. While American historians are likely to slant that historical occurrence, as a accidental leakage from a Chinese research laboratory. As the researchers were developing a deadly biological weapon.

Historians representing other countries like from Russia, Iran, North Korea are likely to write that history from the Chinese perspective. While, Western European historians are going to write that history from the American perspective. And historians from other countries not wanting to offend the great powers of the East or West, will write that history from a more neutral perspective. And that’s, the history that’s most likely to be most believable.

Historians from all those nations are busy putting together data telling that history from their prejudicial perspective. Because that’s what secular historians are all about.

And as sure, as the calendar turns from one day to the next that history will be studied from many different perspectives by tomorrow’s scholars and students. It’s the way nations guarantee a historical perspective favorable to their legacy.

And as students are taught the efficacy of the legacy, politicians are assured a favorable place in history. Now you know why politicians have such a fowl smell. And history isn’t objective, despite their insistence that it is!

The only thing that changes is one day to the next, and the years roll on. And as those students grow up, they will perpetuate the same falsehoods, as scholars, politicians and religionist. Of course, this is done from their inherited prejudicial perspective. Because secular history, is all about preserving a particular nation states honorable place in history. Even when some to many nation states should be condemned by their historians which of course includes the United States. It’s how politicians use historians and religionist to peddle their wrongs as rights.

Understanding history is best understood from a history book called the Bible. The Bible is God’s legacy of the past, present and all future history. Much of it dismal, and disappointing to God, but at least it’s accurate, and without prejudice. What’s most interesting is the way Christ is factored into that equation. First as Redeemer for the disgraced and then heirs to God’s kingdom on earth. And eventually occupants the of a permanent new earth.

Of course there are many who argue it’s prejudicial to assert that the Bible provides reliable history past present or future. To prove them wrong here’s a future history that everyone will be able to observe. Thus turning the tables on the naysayer’s. And perhaps, the unfolding of this history, will prompt those outside of the redemptive power of Christ to take advantage of His grace. Creating guaranteed residency in His forthcoming kingdom, and eternal residency upon the new earth.

Look among the nations, watch, and wonder marvelously, for I am working a work in your days, which you will not believe though it is told you. (cp. Habakkuk 1:5).

China will replace the United States as the premier world power economically and militarily. China is the predicted power from the East. And in her orb of influence will be Russia, India and other countries southern Asia.

Another power bloc will the Arab Muslim world of the Middle East and southern Asia. Europe will become alarmed seeing these federations as a threat to them. Eventually a well armored ten state European empire will emerge. Known as the revived Roman Empire.

Israel will be seen as vulnerable to eradication because the United States will most likely be a heap of nothingness as economic and military power. The handwriting of truth is clearly seen as Trump isolates the United States, as it becomes a foreigner from her allies. Because of Divine Providence, Israel will survive.

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