a different kind of a fourth

Here’s a historical adage that keeps repeating itself, “The more things change the more they remain the same.” For example, North Korea asserts it needs a nuclear arsenal as a deterrence against the United States. Whom they fear, will encourage a South Korean invasion into their country. And then there’s that Persian empire which refuses to lie dormant after repeated defeats.

Parallels of the different remaining the same. Centuries ago their was a king named Balak, who was king of the Moabites. He feared a neighboring country would invade his country. Causing him to lose control over his natural resources. Also Fearing that the invaders would over throw his kingdom, and subject his people to their governance. So the adage seems to be true, the more things change the more they remain the same. Because, the woes of our times are much the same. Invasions are never benevolent, they are all about gobbling up natural resources. And the establishing of governing dominance, over a conquered nation. By any means possible through torturous brutality and executions.

History does record one exception which is the United States. Victors of the second world war. The Truman doctrine was to rebuild and not occupy. Today Japan, Italy and Germany are free democracies thanks to American benevolence. Benevolence isn’t a natural human trait, when it occurs divine providence has been the guiding influence. For nations, and individuals. Even though they may not have had any awareness of such influences. So it is today, in so many different ways

So the government sends a message to Balaam, whom the Moabites refer to as a diviner. Because, King Balak, had heard that he had found favor with the god’s. Saying, “I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.” See Numbers 22:6c. And so it has been for the United States, and seemingly a history forgotten. So if a nation and its people want to remain extraordinary give credit to divine providence. Or becoming ordinary and become subject invasion and foreign dominance. The path is obvious.

Here is the Kings message of fear and what he wants Balaam the diviner to accomplish on his behalf. “Look a people has come from Egypt. They cover the face of the earth, and are settling next to me! Therefore please come at once, curse this people for me, for they are to mighty for me.” See Numbers 22:5b-6a.

Is there a way for America to do the same? In light of her global challengers, who are no longer in awe of the United States.

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