fortunate r the ones

“Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you, a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you, faithful perseverance in waiting for You, and hope of finally embracing you,” Thomas Aquinas.

More than ever I wonder why people everywhere aren’t in pursuit of solace in and through Christ Jesus. Especially as an pandemic like no other sweeps the globe.

With politicians everywhere making noise but utterly unable to govern.

Then it dawns on me it’s because of all those institutions who call themselves churches. The church is suppose to light the way but unfortunately the church is very much the problem. Do I need to enumerate the problems they have caused? Certainly not! Of course, there are exceptions but their light. But, the blanket of darkness from the majority has mostly hidden their light,

This Padre after ordination, and then with an association with the church a quick exit for me occurred. And over the years ministering to the public has been, and is, my passion.

This is my experience with Divine Providence. And I suspect it happen that way for the prophet Isaiah, Moses and Paul and many others absent their fame.

Recorded for us by Paul. “But Isaiah was very bold and says, ‘I was found by those who did not seek Me. I was made manifest to those who did not ask of Me.'” (cp. Romans 10:20). In the process God was making Isaiah aware of the truth. (cp. Isaiah 65:1).

If the reader is outside of our Christ family, perhaps Divine Providence will be gracious to you. By welcoming you into His family just by applying, Romans 10:9-10. And if you are one of the fortunate, there is hope for family, friends, neighbors and associates.

Few like to be preached to because it smells to much like organized religion. Here’s a pathway that they just might respond to. “Now thanks be to God who always leads us to triumph in Christ, and though us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.” (cp. 2 Corinthians 2:14-15).

This Padre duly ordained and also having a degree in political science is available. Is available to address the broad spectrum of organized secular groups within our communities. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape.

Exercise your prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interest available to be explored. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

Scheduling can be accomplished through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather. Private consultations are also available by issue or topic.

CfS is a church without walls, and therefore without membership.