why democracy isn’t democratic

American democracy has been a magnificent orchestrated collection of rhetoric. That amounts to purposefully touted deceptive hogwash. Democracy since the countries inception was a concept waiting to be born.

Americans for the first time in history could elect a president in Sen. Bernie Sanders, who would introduce, and then struggle to preserve true democracy with the help from the American people. Why the struggle? Because elitism made up of democrats, republicans, lobbyist, corporate conglomerates and the many fooled into equating socialism with communism. They oppose real democracy because it gives the the people power. Which diminishes, the power of the combined allegorical hierarchy.

Socialism had its birth two centuries ago by Jesus, who by our standards was a progressive liberal. Because, Jesus advocated for social responsibility. By creating a sustainable ecosystem, feeding the hungry, befriending the friendless, provide the necessities necessary to sustain life, taking care of the sick and visiting those imprisoned. (cp. Matthew 25:35-37). And Jesus, who astutely taught, individuals, and thus, nations, they can’t succeed without an individual and collective dependence upon God Almighty.

Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels, founders of the mid-19th century ideology of godless communism. In principle got it right, but communism failed humanity, then, and now, because reverence for the Almighty, was, and is absent from their ideologies. Wherever, godless communist dictators govern poverty prevails unabashed.

Because there are so many democratic candidates, no candidate by arrival at their, July 2020, convention. Will have enough delegates to secure the presidential nomination on the first ballot.

There are 3,979 delegates available through voting jurisdictions. Plus 771 Super Delegates, totaling 4,750 combined delegates. But to bypass a second ballot or additional ballots of voting. The front runner needs, 1,991 delegates in order to gain the party’s nomination on the first ballet.

Political pundit’s are declaring that it’s not likely that current front runner, Sen. Bernie Sanders will have enough delegates to avoid a second ballot of voting. Because, Sanders, isn’t likely to secure 1,991 delegates. Because, other candidates will peel away possible delegates, if they remain presidential candidates.

And likely, third or fourth place finisher, Joe Biden, might secure the party’s nomination because Biden is the darling of mainstream democrats. And that’s, why during yesterday’s discussion it was argued that the whole voting process is rigged against we the voters.

The democratic head honcho’s at party headquarters what to be sure that some one like Sanders doesn’t become their presidential candidate. Because, Sanders represents the people and values their issues. That’s to close to real democracy for them. Remember, the current way from yesterday was declared as hogwash.

So here’s how freedom lovers of democracy deny freedom and thus true democracy. It occurs any time, at any place, when the will of the people is ignored and thus denied!

America needs an overhauling and Sanders is up to the task, as long as he continues to serve the people and not the establishment.

There are 771 supper delegates. Here’s how it works. Be mindful that people, who are among these various groups have most likely already voted once. What’s democratic about allowing some people to vote one or more times?

Democratic National Committee Members represent 445 delegates. Democratic Members of Congress 280 delegates. Democratic Governors 24 delegates. Party Leaders 22 delegates. Totaling 771 super delegates.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches doting our American landscape.

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