the dreiser effect


As many know, Theodore Dreiser wrote about the dark side of the American dream. Where protagonist, Clyde Griffiths, turns his back on his Christian upbringing provided by his parents. Seeking a life, not guided by Christian principles. And that is the crux of our modern day, “American Tragedy.”

Why is that so many might wonder? For starters the modern day church is an institution very much into empire building. They’ve become institutions of entrepreneurs. There business is to sell in various ways church nonsense. All designed to keep the pews packed with admirers and their bank accounts bulging.

While avoiding, the nitty gritty back breaking work of Christendom. It’s the nitty gritty that draws people to Christendom. Because its mostly disappeared, they follow the increasingly well traveled road of the Clyde Griffiths.

Important. Whatever issues either very personal, or out of concern over the deteriorating political landscape, or some other concern. Don’t ask a clergyman. Because, you are most likely going to be misled. As a habit avoid all modern organized churches, whether they are denominational institutions, or not. Just because they say they are independent or non-denominational churches. In the scheme of things, they in their own deceptive ways are entrepreneurs. Whose end, is to draw you into their web of church growth because that’s where the money is. Avoid them all!!!!

So here’s what you need to do. You’ll find your answer from the books of Roman through Philemon. Jesus gave them to the Apostle Paul to share with us. Because the Jews rejected Him, as their Messiah. And He, ushered in what became the church age. Like the age of law, the church age will some day come to a close.

When ready start a home church with like minded friends. Avoid any hierarchical structure. Introduce a study of the Apostle Paul’s church age literature. When ready carefully include the rest of the Bible in your studies. There are serious truths recorded through out the Bible. For example, Matthew through John are not church age literature. They are a part of the lexicon of the Old Testament law. If you can grasps that concept, it’ll spare you and your home church group a lot of confusion. For example, most people think that, John 3:16, brings them into the family of Christ. Not so! Today saving grace occurs through the gospel of grace. Whose pathway is shown through Romans 10:9-10, and rooted in the following, “Do you not know that as many of us where baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? (cp. Romans 6:3). People under the law knew nothing about His death or resurrection. The very foundation of church age grace.

Again when ready, select issue(s) that concern you and your home church. Get out there, and do the nitty gritty work that needs to be done. Relay upon Romans 8:14;25-28; Hebrews 11:1;6 for starters.

And follow that Apostolic model, as your friends have friends outside your circle of friends. Eventually they should start their own home church. That’s the way to reverse the Clyde Griffiths syndrome.

Clergy people get sick, die, vacation, retire or move on. This Padre duly ordained is available to temporarily fill that vacancy. Perhaps teach a Sunday school class. Share in an adult Bible study group. Exploring excursions through the corridors of topics usually avoided.

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