story telling fact or fiction

From high school to college and reaching us today is Theodore Dreiser’s acclaimed novel, “An American Tragedy.” Once recognized by Time magazine as one of the best English languages novels of all time. Is it any wonder, no! Because his 1925 truths, resonate as truth today. Oh yes, the clothing is different, as are many other aspects of his world and ours. But the underlying premise is the same.

As many know, Dreiser wrote about the dark side of the American dream. Where protagonist, Clyde Griffiths, turns his back on his Christian upbringing provided by his parents. Seeking a life not guided by Christian principles. And that is the crux of our modern day, “American Tragedy.”

A nation of people becoming more inclined to shy away from a life guided by Christian principles. Becoming eager to seek the American dream from the dark side. With the dark side becoming darker and darker. The dark side gets its credence through intellectualizing and then behaving in ways forbidden by legal jurisprudence.

It’s becoming more and more tasteless by Americans that the American dream must be pursued by Christian values. Because the Christ of Christianity, puts restrictions on ones innate cravings. That violate His holy writ, which is unwavering in its demands of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Concerned about your inner cravings? Doesn’t matter what they are because approval or disapproval is found in God’s holy writ, the Bible. From marriage, child rearing to complicated issues of darkness, as seen through the lens of the GLBTQ community. Including abortions, business, friendships, community service and war. Including everything between A-Z.

Here’s a little known nugget of information. Bisexuality had its origins with Adam. Within Adam dwelt Eve, who had not yet been born. Some are sensitive to that phenomenon than others. If truth surfaced, everyone experiences that awareness. But are able to shake it off, as nonsense. While for others the phenomenon is so strong that they have to respond to it. Shared because early my ministerial career the issue surfaced.

A clergy person, who also had a doctorate in psychology. Referred a man to me, who was attracted sexually only to men. He had a masters degree in education and taught art. He was married, and his female wife, also had a masters degree in education and taught in the same school. She married him knowing all about his drive for wanting a male lover. She loved him, and thought together they could overcome his same sex desires. One day she called me informing me that her husband had committed suicide.

There isn’t a day that that whole situation isn’t relived. That’s what prompted me to look for an answer. And, I found it the aforementioned Adam and Eve sexual analogy. Perhaps had it been shared with him, it might have rescued him, and prevented a suicide.

There’s a lot more to it than just intellectualizing the Adam and Eve analogy. Deliverance arrives by praying that intellectualized process over the seeker wanting deliverance. It occurs this way, “Now he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.” (cp. Romans 8:27). Other verses prayed are Romans 8:25-26; Hebrews 11:1;6. All this is difficult to explain because one has to move outside the intellectual and into the realm of the pure which is the spiritual.

Indeed Dreiser’s, “American Tragedy,” of his time and ours is that our tragedies are far more visible, but absent any piercing controversy.

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