wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune, how she spins, and where she stops no one knows. But this we do know for certain, it’s rigged against hard working Americans.

For this spin it’s from trump, and his republican cronies in the congress. One of their arguments  is that America has an immigration problem. The question is why? And the answer is because the government looked the other way, as illegals flooded the American landscape. Providing corporate conglomerates with cheap labor. So cheap workers practically worked for nothing. preforming extremely torturous labor. Earnings wages far below wages necessary to sustain self sufficiency. But that’s the American way then and now!

But of great concern to trump and scum is that, when they gain citizenship they vote democratic. And, their children born her are automatically citizens. And that’s a political threat to trump and associates.

Republicans, and Democrats know its wrong and immoral, But against their instincts, they ignored those innate instincts. Because they know corporate conglomerates wouldn’t fund their reelection campaigns, unless they were provided with cheap labor. And, its still that way today! Get seriously sick, and discover what poverty really looks and feels like.

To trump, and his republican cronies along with sufficient numbers of democrats. Have always been able to rally together to pass bipartisan legislation. Which, was necessary in order to make sure that corporate America had sufficient cheap labor. And it continues today, with great diligence. Because the nations power brokers have nearly destroyed the unionized workplace. The power to strike without losing ones job is a powerful tool for fair wages and benefits. That’s the last thing trump wants.

The trump administration is the most egregious anti-worker government since the founding of the country. Trump and cronies govern by way of elitism, and if you’re not one of them. Then you’re a commodity to be used, and abused, until worn out. And then discarded, as useless scrap, as though you were not human.

There are ways to reverse the wheel of fortune. Most people think their vote during presidential elections counts. It doesn’t!

Out of the last three presidential cycles two candidates, who won the national popular vote both were denied the presidency. Al Gore beat Bush by winning the national popular vote. Along comes, Hillary Clinton, who also won the national vote by nearly the million votes over trump. Hillary was also denied the presidency because of a mechanism in our U.S. Constitution known as the electoral college.

Make no mistake, the nations founding fathers were elitist! And as such, they needed a way to minimize the will of the majority. So they shrewdly placed put the electoral college in the constitution to nullify the wishes of the voting majority. Currently there are 538 electors in the electoral college, In order to be awarded the presidency, a candidate needs to secure 270 votes from among those 538 electors. Plain and simple it’s undemocratic! How could it possibly be democratic, when the wishes of the majority are denied?

Fortunately there is a movement underway. It’s called, “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” So far, the Compact has secured from the various states, and the District of Columbia. Legislatively. 196 commitments have been secured to give their electoral votes to the candidate, who wins the national popular vote. So the Compact needs to secure, 74 more electors to bring democracy to America for the first time. Strongest opposition to the Compact comes from states who are controlled by Republicans.

November 2020 is the most consequential election in our history. Because, if trump wins a second term expect tyrannical one person rule in America.

Our only hope is for freedom loving voters to carefully scrutinize the  presidential democratic hopefuls. And vote for that candidate.

This writer has done that, and has decided to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Because he’ll labor for unionization of the work place, protect and expand entitlements, making fair housing possible,  universal health care, citizenship for millions of trumps illegal aliens erase student debt, deal with climate change, women’s rights concerning choice, and equal pay, shifting the tax burden upon corporate conglomerates, who pay no federal taxes, and more.

No doubt, his most significant accomplishment will be giving the electoral college to the candidate, who wins the national popular vote. That’ll create the pathway for the aforementioned presidency of Sen. Sanders. Of course, there’s a huge hurdler ahead of him. He must secure enough delegates declaring him as the democratic presidential nominee.

Democracy is suppose to be the market place of ideas. Those who persuade the public that their ideas best fit America. That’ll reshape America to represent those ideas. Don’t like the national agenda established by the national public vote. Get engaged democratically and attempt democratically to change the nations agenda.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches dotting the American landscape.

Exercise your prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interest available to be discussed. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

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