when worlds collide

When anger is aroused, watch out! Especially when it’s from a force one is not familiar with.

Interesting sketch of events, with one of them being that at command by God, four legged animals can communicate with we mortals in our language. Also having the ability to reason.

The God’s anger was aroused because he went, and the Angel of the LORD took His stance in the way of an adversary against him. And he was riding his donkey, and two servants were with him.

Now the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD standing in the way with His drawn sword in His hand. And the donkey turned away, and went into a field. So Balaam struck the donkey to turn her back onto the road.

Then the Angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path between the vineyards With a wall on both sides of the path. And when the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD, she pushed herself against the wall, and crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall. So he struck her again.

Then the Angel of the LORD went further, and stood in a narrow place where there was no place where there was no way to turn either to the right or left.

Again when the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam. So Balaam’s anger was aroused, and he struck the donkey with his staff.

Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, And she said to Balaam, “what have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?” And Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have abused me. I wish there was a sword in my hand, for now I would have killed you!” And the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden, ever since I became yours, to this day?” Was I ever disposed to do this to you?” And he said, “No.”

Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the Angel of the LORD standing in the way with His drawn sword in his hand, and he bowed his head and fell flat on his face.

And the angel of the LORD said to him, “Why have you struck donkey these three times? Behold, I have come to stand against you. Because your way is perverse before Me. The donkey saw Me and turned aside these three times. If she had not turned aside from Me, surely I would have killed you by now, and would have let her live.

And Balaam, said to the Angel of the LORD, “I have sinned, for I did not know that you stood in the way against me. Now if it pleases You, I will turn turn back.” (cp. Numbers 22-34).

All that occurred centuries before our time. But on thing remains the same. Like Balaam, we sin. Redemption has always been available for we sinners. For us, the process of redemption is much different than it was for Balaam and other people of era. For us the redemptive process is simple. It’s recorded in Romans 10:9-10.

Here’s a couple scriptures concerning the efficacy of angels today. “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation? (cp. Hebrews 1:14).

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. (cp. Hebrews 13:2).

For He shall give His angels charge over you. To keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up with their hands. Lest you dash your feet against a stone. (cp. Psalms 91:11-12).

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