trump peace plan will fail

When men first set eyes on a camel they were terrified by its huge size and ran away. But in the course of time, they discovered what a gentile beast it was. And mustered enough courage to approach it. Gradually they came to realize that it was incapable of anger; then they despised it so much that they put a bridle on it, and let their children drive it about.

Formidable things lose their terror, when we get use to them. Source:Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Familiarity Breeds Contempt.”

Moses the great Israeli sage said this about Muslims. No matter where you look there’s a Muslim. They fight among themselves and they are against everyone. And in self defense everyone is against them. (cp. Genesis 16:11-12).

Then centuries later Paul, the man chosen to counsel the church age. Talked about Abraham’s two sons Ishmael and Isaac. Telling the world that Ishmael, the Father of Islam, was not God’s chosen vehicle to usher in the birth of the Messiah. It was Isaac, who was of the genealogy the Messiah Jesus Christ. Because, Ishmael was born as a result of Sara’s desperation to guarantee a heir for her husband Abraham.

And Paul, our church age counselor said, Abraham had two sons one born illegitimately as a result of fleshly lust. And the other son Isaac, whom Paul declared was the child of  God’s promise to Abraham and Sara. Placing Issac in the genealogy Abraham, Jacob and David to the birth of Jesus Christ. The child born in a manger and destined as their Messiah.

The Muslim community has never accepted that scenario. They argue that Ishmael, Abraham’s first son is the son of promise. And the rightful heir of all God’s covenant promises to Abraham. And as such the Palestinians and Israelis will never reach peace settlement. Because both argue that all of Palestine belongs to them.

However, Bible believing Christendom stands with Israel on the matter. It’s finalized with this historical record. “Now we, brethren, as Isaac are the children of promise. But, as he who was born of the flesh then persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, even so it is now.” (cp. Galatians 4:28-29).

“Nevertheless what does the scripture say” Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman but of the free.” (cp. Galatians 4:30-31).

So the world community can only expect continued periodic eruptions between the Arab/Muslim world and Israel. Which will conclude with a mostly unfamiliar expression, the time of Jacob’s trouble. It’ll be an unparalleled time of human suffering. It’s all about another attempt to exterminate the Jews.

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