how trump escaped impeachment

When men first set eyes on a camel they were terrified by its huge size and ran away. But in time, they discovered what a gentile beast it was. And, mustered enough courage to approach it. Gradually they came to realize that it was incapable of anger; then they despised it so much that they put a bridle on it, and let their children drive it about.

Formidable things lose their terrors, when we get use to them. Source: Penguin Classic-Fables of Aesop-“Familiarity Breeds Contempt”

As we know, the House of Representatives brought two articles of impeachment against Donald John Trump. Article 1: Abuse Of Power and Article 11: Obstruction Of Congress.

Picture a company CEO, who has negotiated an employee agreement between the company and its employees. Then this CEO try’s to undermine that agreement in any nefarious way. He’d be fired! That’s exactly what the donald did, when he perceived a threat to his presidency by former vice president, Joe Biden. Trump should have been fired by the Senate.

Concerning the second article trump himself pleaded guilty. When he publicly boasted that he would obstruct Congress in every way possible.

America needs a serious overhauling because neither the executive branch, nor the Congress serves the bread and butter issues of working Americans.

Had the shoes been on the opposite feet the Democrats would have acted exactly as did the Republicans!

All politicians understand that the American electorate is much like Aesop’s camel. Huge in size, but incapable of anger regardless of the negative consequences. American familiarity with our current political system has earned the electorate their contempt.

The current political system isn’t going to change. So we, the electorate must change our political system. A violent revolution would fail! And fortunate, for we, the electorate, it’s not needed! Because we the electorate have the most powerful tool at our disposal for change and fairness. Which is the Electoral College, but it needs an overhauling.

There is a movement under way designed to really make one vote one person exact its truth. Which is, the National Interstate Compact. The driving force behind this movement is to get all voting jurisdictions. To pledge their electoral votes to the presidential candidate, who wins the national popular vote.

Sixteen states plus the District of Columbia have joined the movement. Currently there are 538 electors in the Electoral College. It takes 270 votes within the Electoral College to officially elect a president. So far they have secured 196 commitments out of the 270 votes needed. When it reaches 270 votes it’ll become binding law with in those jurisdictions.

Interested in learning more about this interstate compact call 650 472-1587.

Republicans viciously oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Because they know that they can’t compete with the electorate, when each and every vote matters.

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