trump changer maker

Leader of the Massachusetts, “Radicals,” and this particular radical, Samuel Adams, had this to say about the survival of the United States, as one of the nations founding Fathers.

“The right to freedom is the gift of God Almighty. The rights of the Colonists, as Christians may be best understood by reading, and carefully studying the institutes of the great Lawgiver of the Christian church which are found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament,” Samuel Adams.

One suspects that Adams would be appalled, if he today, was a sitting United States senator. No doubt Adams would be shocked that his republican colleagues have allowed themselves to be so mesmerized by trump that they are afraid impeach him. Afraid of what Adams might query to himself? Then realizing like, we the electorate. That those 53 seated republican senators, the jurors in trumps impeachment trial. Knowing that their reelection prospects will evaporate, if they allow the clear resounding condemning demand of evidence for his removal from office to succeed.

Still they’ll grant Trump an acquittal. It represents retaining power and influence over what Adams advocated, “The careful studying of the institutes of the great Lawgiver of the Christian church which are found clearly written and promulgated within the New Testament. There is nothing Christian in trump or the way he governs. Adams and colleagues gave our infant nation what it needed, “The right to freedom, as a gift of God Almighty.

And with that decision those 53 republican senators will allow trump to remake America into an institution that Adams and colleagues feared most. A crazed dictatorial despot named Donald John Trump.

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