Iranian Major General Soleimani

Iran looses an unparalleled modern day warrior. Major General Soleimani, who by all accounts was a brilliant war strategist. And recognized as the father of modern guerrilla warfare. Creating a Shiite axis of terror influence. Projecting Soleimani as a charisma warrior philosopher image. Resulting in his guerrilla forces willing to die, so that Soleimani would prevail.

It’s alleged by Israel and the United States that Soleimami was involved in the Iranian failed clandestine murder of a Saudi Arabian ambassador several years ago within the United States.

In that Iran has promised revenge upon the United States at a time of its choosing. The only way for Iran to defeat the United States is to attack the continental United States. Not by land or air but through a satellite electronic magnetic pulse attack. (EMP). Crippling the nations electronic grid infrastructure. Followed by a massive submarine attack launching nuclear warheads.

Targeted for death becauseĀ  U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, confirmed Maj General Soleimani’s image by declaring. Soleimani was the main strategist responsible for unrest and death throughout the Middle East. With the Generals main target being Israel and the United States. And that intelligence revealed that the General, was plotting an imminent attack against U.S. and its interest through out the region. That of course will continue but only as side show, as Iran prepares for the attack will really matter, as aforementioned.

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