trump way is not the american way

The United States for a very long time has admirably been the backbone of moral courage through out the world community. Consider our former world enemies, Japan, Italy and Germany. They fell at the feet of American might and decency.

The United States became the first global conqueror, who didn’t become their occupiers. Where the head of state would be an American. Guaranteeing that the people within those nations would be a pipeline for American wealth. Instead the United States helped those nations to become free thriving democracies. With no obligation of servitude to the United States! Now that’s greatness!

And for a very long time such stellar attitudes filtered through, and among the American populace. All that help America to become the envy of the world community. Causing people to immigrate to the United States. Embracing all of what it meant to be an America. And with appreciation, those immigrants made America better and stronger.

That was yesterday but not today. And, donald trump is at the helm of making America non-American. He’s remade the Republican party in the image of his hateful ideologies. To the extinct that Republicans are afraid to oppose his dictatorial rants. Trumps admiration for dictators suggests that’s his goal for the American presidency. Trumps voice is of the likes of Vladmir Putin.

Then the treatment of woman as his play things. His constant boisterous declaration that he’s the sole determiner of what’s right or wrong. Putting it all together, trump is wrong for America. He’s got to go, one of two ways, by impeachment or by the 2020 ballot box. Modern day America can’t endure much more of trumpism.

Evil has a unique shrewdness with trump being the perfect servant to evil and thus shrewdness. Through the ways he peals away foes and brings them into his sphere of influence.

Besides Republican politicians, trump has become the emperor of Evangelical Protestantism. Especially, Pentecostal Evangelical Protestantism. And by so doing, they have allowed their true character to manifest itself which is one of cunning bigotry. Making their so called biblical declarations misleading and thus irrelevant. Making them as dangerous as their emperor trump. Because they’ll do whatever, he asks of them. Having no reason to fear for the consequences of their behavior because they know that the donald has the pen of pardons.

Trump uses pardons as a means of gaining allies. Do a study of some of the people trump has pardon. Some of those pardons having been vehemently criticized by the peoples friends. The fact checking media outlets. Whom trump is a critic of by signaling again his propensity to abhor democracy.

This Padre is a devout Christ follower. Believing in the power of the gospel to change people lives and thus nations. However when, churches become business entrepreneurs for profit and empire building. The gospel loses its transforming authority. And that’s another element plaguing America and the world community.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape. You select the topic from the broad repertoire of issues available to be discussed. From either a secular or religious perspective.

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Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

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