climatic events past to future

From a history book that employed only authentic historians. Because, they were all chosen supernaturally by Divine Providence. Giving us a verifiable historical record.

Gabriel, a ranking authority of the common wealth within the kingdom of God. Was assigned a mission and Gabriel’s mission was recorded by a former tax collector. Who found a better way of life than collecting taxes for the Roman empire. From outward appearance, he gave up an office of authority and thus prestige. He did that voluntarily because once a life is touched supernaturally that touch becomes a craving not an obligation.

Here’s what our history reveals. Gabriel now earth bound approached an extra ordinary woman know as Mary. This conversation was recorded not because the former tax collector was there because he wasn’t. It was given to him by Divine Providence.

Because it was important, for we earthlings to better understand the real significance of their Christmas pageant, which now has an annual celebratory life of two weeks.

All Mary knew from Gabriel was that she would you give birth to a son, and told to  name the child Jesus.

What Mary didn’t know at His birth, but must have sensed as He matured was that her Son would become an extraordinary man. The most difficult experience for a mother to endure is her child’s  premature death. Especially, so after observing His cruel murder. And after His murder becoming aware of His return to life. What she didn’t know was that someday He would inherit the very throne which King David once ruled from.

With King David, somehow mysteriously for mortals to understand was that King David was His father through divine providence.

Though from a human perspective the two were separated by centuries of time and history. Making it impossible for us to comprehend how it could be.

Adding to the complexity for us is that he ruled from Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city in ancient times. But lost to the Jews for centuries. But in our 21st century Jerusalem is again recognized as Israel’s capital city, Which also is one of road signs, that this age of history is nearing ever so close to its end.

And that world history will become a fiery tinder box of suffering, as one last attempt will be made to do, what Hitler failed to accomplish.

With that climatic conclusion Jesus will rule the world for the Jews, as their promised Messiah and Savior. And so will we, as gentiles, if we like the Jews recognize Jesus as our Savior. And even more incomprehensible for we mortals is that all who had died, now are alive, and apart of this the grandest of all celebrations life with Jesus forever. Because His kingdom, is said to be one without end.

Who ever would have thought that our Christmas pageant would own such a galley of significance for this season, and any future ones, as Divine Providence allows.

So, what are we to do with all this history? Do as Mary did during her lifetime by declaring, let all this be according to your word! And take Gabriel final declaration to Mary seriously,”With God nothing is impossible.”

Clergy people get sick, vacation, retire or move on. This padre duly ordained is available to fill that vacancy. Perhaps teach a Sunday school class. Share in an adult Bible study group. You select the topic from the ordinary, or from the very unusual.

Not all readers are associated with organized religion. Some really despise organized religion. Blaming them, for many problems confronting America, and the world community. Frankly, I share those same sentiments. Nevertheless, there’s that spark that wants to be ignited saying that there’s something about Divine Providence and the supernatural. So here’s an opportunity to select a topic of your choice for exploration.

In that this Padre also has a degree in political science. A whole repertoire of topics can be selected. From the cradle of traditional thoughts. Right through to the galaxy of the unconventional.

All arrangements can be made through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

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