facade of islam

In the United States, like elsewhere in the world, people are accepting the facade of Islam. What most Americans fail to understand is that Islam has pretty much taken over some American cities.

And there like any Middle East or European country, just criticizing Islam is very dangerous. It’ll only get worse globally and in the United States.

As modern day Europe has taught us by example. Which is to surrender to Islam by peaceful capitulation to Islamic demands. Or, experience one terror attack, after another. One of the Islamic tenets of capitulation is for governing authorities to establish laws forbidding criticism of Islam.

Then as Muslims capture city after city and state after state, then critics will be jailed or killed. And as, the global community knows death at the hands of Muslims is a torturous death.

With institutions like churches, that stand out in opposition to Islam being burned to the ground. With the only remembrance of them is a pile of ashes. Which is a growing occurrence globally for the Christian communities, but for now escaping American churches.

In the united States, Christians and Jews need to come to grips with the facade of Islam. Because, our lives, and institutions will become more endangered, as the Muslim population grows. Sometime in the future Islam will become the dominate religion in the United States. With more, and more Muslims holding elected offices through out the country. Now is not the time to pussy foot around. It’s time learn the truth about Islam. And to, develop strategies both offensively and defensively. But always, functionally in non-violent ways.

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