ticky and tacky

To what degree does the government, and religion influence how people think, and thus act? For the, United States, think in terms of our Judea-Christian heritage. It’s a question that should be asked by all Americans.

With a mind set as being American. Comes a carefully engineered program which purposefully conditions Americans to accept some well scripted paradigms. With a paradigm being defined as ones values and ethics. Those predetermined values of ethics determines how people react to their surroundings.

It all starts at birth. Continues through primary, middle and high school. Even extending the process through ones university life. It’s there also through technical education. For those, who go from high school right into the work force, it’s there also.

The goal of all of that is to have a population, who pretty much duplicate one another in dress and lifestyles. Resulting with most being boxed in by predetermined cultural behaviors. Becoming ones system of values which in return shape ones ethics, as to how right and wrong is determined.

That seemed to be the way the Showtine producers of Weeds captured the American scene. It served as a dark comedy drama from, 07 August 05-16 September 2012. There seems to be some interest in bring the popular series back.

Weeds painted the American populace as, Ticky Tacky, products of ones environment? Is that really ones self worth? People unable to think for, or react beyond predetermined boxes? Unfortunately, for most, the answer is an astounding yes!

Consider the Christian religion the segment of society expected to produce Ticky Tacky Americans. It has been reported that as of this year, 2019, 65% of Americans adhere to some form of Christianity. That number was 85% in 1985. Seems something not working.

So with that trend in mind imagine, what would happen, if they where gathered up, and repopulated abroad into some predominately Muslim country? What percent of them would remain Christians? Such a proposition is impossible to determine with any accuracy. But it seems more than likely, that most, if not all would abandon their Christian roots. Seems like the nail was hit squarely on the head. Most Christians really are Ticky Tacky creations crafted to fit nicely into those Ticky Tacky boxes. That all act in like manner upon emergence from those Ticky Tacky boxes.

Such a prospect is a disgrace cast upon all of us, who are Christians. As Christians, we shouldn’t allow any political-Christian system to put us in boxes. From which Christians emerge, as a collective people declaring that the American empire to be a democracy. Governed by a legal system based around Judea-Christian ethics. Giving many a cozy feeling that the nation is a Christian nation. Because its governing principals emanate from a perspective often defined as the nations Judea-Christian heritage. The sad, and disgraceful reality is that once was true! Today, the Barack Obama prophecy has been fulfilled. He, said, as President that the United States is not a Christian nation!

With a degree of certainty most biblical knowledgeable Christians, clearly understand the President’s declaration differs, greatly from the biblical declarations of what it really means to be a Christian.

Interested in taking a journey into biblical declarations of what it means to be a Christian. About the One who said, “I am He who lives, and behold, I am alive forever, Amen. And I have the keys to Hades and death.” Text: Revelation 1:18. Hades, and death isn’t just about people, it’s also about nations. Nations just die differently. Is America on its death bed?

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